Bwog Still Needs Nerds

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Dear techie Columbians,

Bwog, since its birth, has been managed by one web master—and now he’s moving on to bigger things. The sort of things that happen below 110th Street. Meanwhile, we’re looking to acquire a good computer programmer to take his place! Besides a love for Bwog and a genial character,
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the job demands a certain prowess in:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Basic Linux skills
  • Subversion

Send a convincing argument to [email protected], and we’ll talk.


Bwog Staff

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  1. re: job  

    Must one also be a hipster with a tendency to make snarky comments?

  2. haha  

    how original of you

  3. Pigeon  

    what's the cash?

    As a pigeon, I can only want money to get Hawkstic surgery.

  4. che

    Are you looking for someone that's good with subversion in general or specifically the content version management software?

  5. AnnaC

    Subversion in general.

    And there's no cash involved, just eternal glory and a chance to sit on Hawkmadinejad's lap and tell him your deepest desire.

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