Campus Just Got Prettier

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Wandering tipster Faith Chang has just spotted model Hilary Rhoda engulfed in machine-made fog on Low steps. She’s wearing Christian Louboutin stilettos and leopard-print St. John’s knitwear. Two other models, a bevy of photographers, and a couple of catty interns with bad highlights are also present. Rhoda, the current face of Estee Lauder, reportedly looms a good few inches taller than the beta-models at her sides. Run quick and get a look at her famous bushy eyebrows…in person!

Meta-photos of the photo shoot after the jump!




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  1. Yo Bwog  

    Investigate: Has Niko Cunningham been impeached?

  2. YES!!  

    Yes, I was there. He did not take it well and starting yelling at people with his croonies (Chikodi Chima, Brendan Rooney, and surprising Todd Murphy) as members walked out. The official vote for impeachment was 12-3.

  3. WOW  

    Bwog, PLEASE get a photographer. These are terrible

  4. ugh  

    who were the other two models.. anyone know?

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