1. LIES BWOG  

    I just went to the ticket booth and they said most likely they'll go on sale tomorrow maybe later today. Website doesn't render any search results when you type "grizzly bear" or "the national"

  2. Rumor  

    I hear the free tickets, not to mention the fact that there's even a concert at all this spring, is due to some behind-the-scenes ABC intervention. Discuss.

  3. aweigh

    also just got back from the ticket office and heard later today or tomorrow at the latest. nothing showing up online at the moment.

  4. question  

    How limited is seating? How far in advance should we buy tickets to ensure they won't be sold out?

  5. ...  

    or at least it used to be called "Concert on the Steps"

  6. outsider

    Now when you say it's CUID-only, is that just to get tickets, or to actually use said tickets?

    • insider  

      Can't say how it will be, but it SHOULD be to even get into the building, especially since they're free, meaning our student activity fees probably helped fund the concert. I'll be freaking pissed if I can't get in to see a concert at the school I'm paying through the nose to attend because it's full up of Brooklynites. Seriously, dude, there are a bazillion concerts in this city every week, this one is *ours* and you're not welcome.

  7. When you say

    'CU-ID only', do Alum IDs count?

  8. does anyone know

    what time today can we start reserving tickets online? and is the limit 1 or 2 tickets??

    • i know

      um. it's been available for hours on the cuarts website. picked up my ticket two hours ago.

      guess bwog didn't want to make a new post. or they're being secretive about it, possibly on purpose.

  9. the real question...  

    does anybody really care?

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