40 Days Without the 40s

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There was once a Columbia event called “40s on 40,” a chance for seniors who were forty days away from graduation to drink large quantities of malt liquor in the Quad (and possibly pour one out for Lil’ Saint). Last year the event became “40 Days Until Graduation,” a student council sanctioned event, complete with a crowded pen in which students who wanted to drink were corralled.

This year’s “40 Days” is starting now (and going ’till 4) in Low Plaza. There are free t-shirts for the first few hundred attendees, and free food and drink, including up to four beers. No outside backpacks or containers allowed.

Bwog certainly isn’t looking a gift horse in the mouth, but, like Lerner Pub, the best of course of action here will probably be to show up early, imbibe quickly, and withdraw hastily.




  1. CC'09  

    I will vote for whichever candidate promises to bring back the old 40 on 40.

  2. alexw  

    I ain't going to this shit. Drinking in their pen is like protesting in a free speech zone.

  3. CC 07

    It almost hurts to remember how much fun this event was in 2005 and 2006, and how much it sucked last year. One of the only Columbia traditions people give a shit about. BAH.

  4. cc08  

    I'm going because booze is booze, but I'm going to feel dirty. Still, it's rare that you can drink outside on Columbia's dollar.

  5. alexw  

    I'm gonna go pour out a 40 in remembrance of 40s on 40.

  6. LE:MON Party  

    will bring back 40s on 40, with or without the administration.

    Myohnine.com for details.

  7. fact  

    alidad posts on bwog 100 times a day. ive seen him.

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