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Ann Coulter has written a column that somehow, someway uses the tragic death of Columbia grad student Minghui Yu to insult Barack Obama and Obama’s grandmother and grandfather, whom Coulter refers to as “racist” and “worthless and lazy”, respectively.

Coulter goes on to paraphrase a story about Obama’s grandparents in which his grandmother wanted a ride to work and his grandfather told her she should take the bus instead. Turns out, this is because Grandma Obama saw an unfriendly black person on the bus, who frightened her. Grandpa Obama took young Barry Obama aside and explained that Grandma was a racist. Or something.

Anyway, directly following the story, Coulter proceeds to make fun of Obama for being offended by his allegedly racist grandmother. Logically, Coulter asks: “If Obama is sent reeling by the mere words of an elderly white woman, how is he going to negotiate with a guy like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? What if Ahmadinejad calls him ‘booger-face’? Will he run crying from the table?”

Oh also, in the last paragraph, Coulter manages to refer to Obama’s grandfather and Barack’s plan to hold talks with Iran “a loser” and “stupid”, respectively.

Thank you, tipster Christopher Duncan!

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  1. ...  

    this is the same woman who said if it were mccain v. clinton, she'd campaign for clinton! she's completely nuts!


  2. Greg  


  3. The Euthanize  

    Euthanasia is the only cure for this illness.

  4. Black person  

    This is just ridiculous. To look at the comments in response is even more disturbing. The fact that Obama was disturbed by comments of racism when he was a little boy have absolutely no standing on his current ability as a leader. If anything, they have helped him to best this fear in his adult life. Ann Coulter stop being a racist wench.

    • um. when

      obama characterizes his grandma as racist (that part in his speech about how she was scared when a black man was behind her directly relates to this anecdote) based upon stuff like this and tries to equivocate her with an openly hateful jeremiah wright then it becomes completely relevant

      stop being a retard bwog poster.

      As for Yu's death being used--it was sadly inevitable. His death was tragic enough that in our communities bubble their is an impulse to just keep our minds on the grief and what a brilliant individual he was--however his death and the circumstances it happened under don't occur in a vacuum. They do have a legitimate role to play in larger discussions. It's probably to painful for us because our our proximity to the event, the person and to the time to deal with those roles, but for those who are naturally going to be more detached Yu's death will sadly just be another statistic and point making anecdote.

      • all right  

        people need to stop being all about how bad jeremiah white is. yeah, he said some shit. but read the transcript of the whole speech, and you'll see that many of the offending comments are actually him quoting other people. Secondly, he's right about most of it, it's just that he couches his opinions in a way that's pretty uncomfortable to white people. third, even if it is incredibly hateful and all, it's not NEARLY as bad as what lots of other people say (think the christian conservative leaders like buchanan) and conservative (or liberal) candidates, who either accept money from or donate to or attend the church of such individuals, are never made to address these comments, fourth, the political beliefs of the pastor are completely different from his religious beliefs...i am certainly offended and appalled by many unabashedly anti-palestinian comments my rabbi makes, but still attend temple because he helps me get closer to my god and religions--regardless of the rabbi's politics, fifth, you all have to realize that for a black to get elected in chicago he/she needs to be part of one of these churches...that's just how the political system works there (sorry, obama supporters, if you thought that your (my, also) candidate wasn't above a political move), and FINALLY, wright is one pastor of one chapter of a much larger church organization, which, overall, is majority white, but his chapter is the largest...you don't see this majority white church condemning his comments. so all yall shut the fuck up.

        • nice try hate monger

          and anyone tryign to defend the screeds of wright is as bad as a fallwell defender. If wright had just endorsed obama i wouldn't care but he was head of obama's religious committee campaign team and obama even said that he woudl consult with him before major decisions and that he never heard him say some of the hateful stuff he did (which was a lie). Hell if some person had falwell or a similiar guy (like the catholic bigot who endorsed mccain) on their campaign team or as a close advisor i'd be furious too.

          otherwise, you've outed yourself as a partisan bigot. you went from 'some of teh stuff he said isn't bad' to 'its true' to 'even if it is bigoted and hateful as hell who cares because people i disagree with are worse'. Well here's some news for you. people who don't like the christian right's hate sure as hell don't like your hate either.

          by the way, here are wright comments--enjoy defending yourself bigot:

          God damn America, that’s in the Bible for killing innocent people. God damn America for treating our citizens as less than human. God damn America for as long as she acts like she is God and she is supreme.

          Right after 9/11 - “We bombed Hiroshima, we bombed Nagasaki, and we nuked far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon, and we never batted an eye.”

          “We have supported state terrorism against the Palestinians and black South Africans, and now we are indignant because the stuff we have done overseas is now brought right back to our own front yards. America’s chickens are coming home to roost.”

          "We [in the U.S.] believe in white supremacy and black inferiority and believe it more than we believe in God."

          "It is incontestable and deplorable that [African Americans] have committed crimes; but they are derivative crimes. They are born of the greater crimes of the white society."

          oh yeah, he also believes HIV was invented by the U.S. government as a tool of genocide

          any defense of this guy by a sane person is an admission of hypocrisy or an acceptance of bigotry (its funny that you talk about your rabbi and his anti-palestinian screed and don't mention wright's 'zionist' rants'

  5. this is terrible.  

    I see no reason why she had to use such a tragic incident as an introduction to one of her rants.

  6. what the?

    ok. multiple points

    1- generally ann coulter is a crazy, racist biatch who is so nuts she can't even be charicatured

    2- the bit about Minghui Yu is only tangentially relevant and a pretty weak tie in used only because its recent news (and i'm not going to feign outrage for this which is what i guess bwog wants- nobody 'owns' the anguish or perspective or Mr. Yu's tragic death')

    3- this is a pretty appallingly stupid post by bwog. did you guys skip over the reading comprehension part of your SAT's? in this particular case coulter has a point--not only did bwog misinterpret everything so as to delude themselves into not thinking she had one but they couldn't even follow along her simple argument

    First, she did not claim that Obama's grandma was racist--she pointed out that the grandpa and obama did--her point was that she wasn't and that considering she's a single woman who'd just been accosted on her way to work in the morning it was reasonable to at least ask her unemployed, excuse filled husband to drive her there for her safety. The resulting third excuse in coulter's opinion from a man she called lazy (becuase he was actually unemployed a lot and because he does appear to have a lot of excuses in obama's book) is what led her to characterize him as lazy and is what she said led a naive obama to think his grandma was racist and not stop a second to logically go over why his grandpa responded the way he did--all because he was so wrapped up in race as opposed to logic. So it isn't like totally 'or something'. It's a pretty understandable narrative from a usually horrible writer. And it does relate to Yu's case in that way because the immediate defensiveness towards racism obscures simple logic sometimes--in the same way that in coulter's view obama equivocation of his grandma to say pastor wright does. Don't turn into wonkette here bwog--you're not better than that [you are a gossip rag]--but you are supposed to be smarter.

    I'm going to try to pretend that this post adn the last two paragraphs of drivel were because of a sleep deprived momentarily stupid bwog writer and not a complete moron like it would otherwise indicate.

  7. Anonymous  

    Congrats. You've given her attention, exactly what she wants.

    p.s. Ann Coulter loves anal sex. Just google it and click on the first link (it's all text, don't worry).

    • agreed

      ann coulter just wants attention, and will say whatever crazy shit she needs to to get liberals enraged. stop paying attention to her/getting angry about the crap she says, and start paying attention to crazy people with real power (i.e., our exteemed president)

  8. also

    let me repeat that in spite of previous posts it does not change the fact ann coulter is a crazy pscyho nutjob

  9. Normally,  

    I would take this opportunity to express my overwhelming hatred of the pile of dog crap that is Ann Coulter. However, in this particular (and admittedly incredibly rare) instance, I think she is quite right in her allegations. Barack Obama is a moron with a pretty face, a soothing voice, and a convincing act.

  10. why  

    exactly is bwog paying attention to ann coulter? can we not have posts like this please k thx?

    • you people...  

      are so damn funny.

      Why are we paying attention to Ann Coulter. It's someone with a different opinion (however twisted it is). Everyone else has to be wrong because my mommy and daddy said so, and they get paid a ton of money because they know best. And they used that money to send me to all the bestest schools where all my teachers were the most brilliant minds ever to walk the earth and they all said the same thing.

      Please oh please stop showing us that there are other people with other opinions out there. Leave us to our neat little world that revolves around us.

      • Anonymous  

        The opinion she holds is not the opinion she actually holds. If she actually believed her shit, she'd be some kind of piss poor Nazi. In fact, she lives in the Hamptons, hangs out in Jew York, and likes gay men. So it's all a lie.

        What else ya got?

  11. Dear Ann  

    No one likes you.
    -Love America (P.S. go hang yourself, k thnks bye)

  12. comment  

    "Report Abusive PostObama is simply a weak, typical black person who is not mature enough to cope in society."


  13. Does anyone else  

    find it funny that she cannot write coherently, and neither can any of the people who read her work (take a look at the comments below her column)?

  14. my grandmother

    is racist too. face it. old white people are racist. the fact that barack identifies this makes him a real man and not just a robot set on becoming our next president

  15. Chris Matthews

    Since when is he "such a social conservative?" I think you're imputing characteristics to him based upon the fact that he was nominated by the Republican party. I'm sure many Republicans would like to believe that he is so socially conservative, and that many Democrats would not. That is how our political system works.

    • he would not  

      have even stood a chance at the nomination were he not supportive of certain policies. Look at Giuliani. Yes, he buried himself from the very beginning with a campaign centered around 3 numbers. But realistically, his "liberal" views precluded any chance he thought he had of winning his party's approval. Hence, for McCain to have received the nomination he had to have exhibited certain qualities the Republican party values -- whether he was sincere in his views, I do not know.

    • Oh dear  

      100% pro-life; supports Don't Ask, Don't Tell; pro-banning flag desecration; against expanding hate crimes legislation to include sexual orientation; supports the death penalty and stricter sentencing; creationism may be taught in schools--decided on a local basis; pro-school vouchers.

      Sorry, what about that doesn't scream social conservative? John McCain is a reasonable man; he is a likeable man. However, he is in no way socially moderate.

      Taken from: http://www.ontheissues.org/john_mccain.htm

      • clarification  

        Thanks for listing the points...and herein lies my problem -- Things I support:
        - Banning flag desecration
        - Death penatly + stricter sentencing
        - School vouchers (ehh...kinda on the fence with this one)
        Things I vehemently oppose
        - pro-lifers
        - limitation of hate-crimes
        - creationism
        - bans on stem cell research
        - bans on all other kinds of science which are based on religious or political objections.
        - wasting of government time on trying to limit the rights of homosexuals.
        The other policies I'm not sure about my position...

        • Pro-lifer  

          You vehemently oppose "pro-lifers?" What does that even mean?

          • probably  

            It means that he disagrees with the rabid, ridiculous pro-life movement in this country. Let people make their own damn choices about what they want to do.

          • it means  

            I support the right of women to make their own decisions, within reasonable limits, i.e. no, I don't support third-trimester clothes hanger abortions, but yes, I do support a woman's ability to decide early on, and within reasonable limits, whether she wants to bring a child into the world.

        • the real McCain  

          He opposed a constitutional ban on gay marriage, never speaks about his religious views, and staunchly rejects his colleagues' skepticism on global warming. These things don't scream social conservative to me. And Don't Ask Don't Tell was a Clinton policy, which still enjoys the support of the majority of Democrats in Congress.

        • Yeah  

          That's totally fair. However, as a pretty hardcore Democrat, few things frighten me as much as the mis-characterization of John McCain as socially moderate. He has strong positions, and there's nothing wrong with sharing them.

          He is not, however, a moderate.

      • what a partisan

        good job selectively quoting positions. McCain isnt a 'moderate' but he's definitely the most moderate gen election candidate of what will probably be the last 3 elections (back to bush/gore).

        Stances which he's broken with the party on:

        -Supports federal funding of embryonic stem cell research (he's voted in favor of it). Supports Fetal tissue research.

        - He's ok with affirmative action for specific programs (for example specially set aside funds for minorities/women)

        - He was part of the gang of 14 compromise on federal judges (if this doesn't scream bi partisanship i don't know what does)

        - Voted no on a constitutional gay marriage ban. (He's been consistently against hate crimes legislation by the way)

        -the immigration bill which obama cosponsored and which he points to as evidence of his bipartisanship was authored by mccain--mccain has and will continue to take heat from conservatives for his immigration views

        - he doesn't support creationism being taught in schools--he believes school boards should decide (mccain has repeatedly said he believes in evolution)

        -he isn't a tool of the ethanol lobby, encourages ways to fight global warming, is opposed to anwr drilling, and is in favor of tougher CAFE/clean air and water standards

        the guy's also been in favor of ideas such as gore's lockbox, has voted in favor of minimum wage hikes and has been more moderate on gun control and healthcare than the vast majority of senators--including obama/clinton

        if you go through his history of positions on wars/conflicts you'll also see he isn't the hawk some have made him out to be--the guy authored the 'torture compromise'
        he also opposed going into lebanon, haiti and somalia- three cases where there were bloody and poor resolutions to our decisions to enter the conflicts--conversely he was actually one of the few politicians with enough stones to learn from rwanda and encourage intervention in the sudan

        I know its easy to go to think progress, get your opinion and then buttress it with a couple selectively chosen facts, but your own damn link shows mccain is more moderate than GW Bush, Obama, Clinton, Huckabee, Kerry, etc could dream to be

  16. Matthews

    Giuliani had to publicly take positions on social issues to conform with the views of most New Yorkers. I do not doubt that he does, indeed, hold those views. But if he had, say, run for Senate in Ohio instead, he would never have had to blatantly take those positions, If he had run as a Republican, it would have been assumed that he was pro-life, (and if he was a Democrat, it would have still been a virtue to pretend to be in any event), and such matters would never have precluded him from being the Republican nominee. In any event, we don't really know if he could not have won his party's approval, since he ran such an incompetent campaign. But even Ann Coulter, who publicly declared that she could never vote for him, admitted on camera in the days after he dropped out that she in fact had every intention of voting for him if he had been nominated, and that he was one of her favorite candidates.

  17. hah  

    coulter shock? culture shock? the asian american show with the naked guy?

  18. .......  

    Oh, and Barack Obama is the only candidate in recent history, with a probable chance of securing his party's nomination, who opposes the death penalty. Or at least so he said when he filled out a questionnaire a few years ago. He hasn't talked about it recently- it's not a popular thing to do by any measure.

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