Don’t Shoot the (Instant) Messenger

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It’s a dark day today on your Facebook, where dozens of quasi-acquaintances and people you hate could be trying to communicate with you via the gruesome new Facebook Chat.

The new buddy list type apparatus enables Facebookers to see those who are simultaneously online doing some stalking, picture uploading, friend-deleting and the like.

Some details, via CNN:

“Facebook Chat only allows for one-to-one conversations. Users will be able to view recent conversations, but the chats won’t be logged permanently, and users will be able to clear that chat history any time.

Facebook users will also have the option of keeping the conversation on the bottom of the screen or creating a pop-up window they can move. A chat window will also display Mini-Feed stories, which are notices concerning other friends’ Facebook activities.”

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  1. ew.  

    ew. ew. ew. ew. ew.

  2. gross  

    I signed onto Facebook and was immediately grossed out by the chat. It is so disgusting. Facebook is intent on trying to make me quit.

  3. hmmm...  

    maybe this added invasion of my life will prevent me from logging on when I have 40 pages of my thesis due.

  4. at least you can  

    sign out of it. Just click on the green circle and say "sign out".

  5. actually  

    this is one of the most useful facebook features introduced since facebook started

  6. zuckerberg  

    stole all his ideas

  7. !!!!!!!

    um....I don't see it when I sign in. Did they take it away already? Or has it just not been implemented yet?

  8. Atticus November  

    Rest in Peace, GChat, Rest in Peace

  9. wow  

    wow. you guys need to learn how to chill out and use the sign-off button. this is a genius move for facebook and will only direct more traffic and money their way.

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