QuickSpec: The Concerned Edition

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Concerned GSSC members impeach their boss, who, as Bwog reported last night, is concerned that the whole thing was a farce

Concerned Speccie pontificates about the provenance of the swastika 

When there are heating problems in dorms, concerned editorial board suggests taking off all your clothes

Manhattanville expansion will cause more asthma, concerned environmental groups say

American Sign Language is too American to be a foreign language, according to concerned Barnard admins



  1. heating  

    is one of the stupidest editorials i've read in a long time.

    you can't be a psycho shouting for "WIFI ACROSS CAMPUS" and also ask that every single pipe heated building is upgraded.

    There are valve return radiators (McBain?), where you can regulate the temperature yourself. There are individual units (Furnald/Carman/elsewhere) where you can additionally regulate a fan to disperse the heat.

    Then, there are the oldest systems: Watt, LLC, John Jay, and others. This is either a single heat pipe running through the room unprotected (I think this is what Watt has?), or a pipe running the exposed perimeter with a shield over it. The system is designed to be regulated thusly: Make it make all rooms hot enough. any rooms that are too hto are easily regulated by opening the window.

    to replace single pipe systems is seriously expensive. do you realize what it entails? you have to basically replumb the entire building.

    i'm just sayin, pick a priority and stick to it, and don't complain that your 5million$ capital project isn't happening tomorrow.

    oh, wait a minute, maybe if you vote for ___ ___ for senate, that will change.

    oops. no. it won't.

  2. WTF  

    Woah. As a linguist, I am really NOT okay with Barnard stating that ASL isn't a language. WTF?! All linguists recognize sign languages as their own separate languages. They are NOT dialects. Try asking the linguistics professors and students whether or not something counts as a language. Jesus.

  3. On a related note  

    Basement of Pupin when the temperature outside touches 50 = Boiler room.

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