1. Ummmm  

    My appointment time is "1/1/1900" ... what the hell does that mean? 1/1/1900?????

    • hmm  

      Maybe they've only posted the times for suite selection? I have my time, and it's very specific (to the minute). But it sounds like #1's isn't posted yet.

      #2: For group selection they take place in JJ Lounge. For General I think it's online this year.

    • probably  

      #2 may be right, I'm in group selection and my date is 1/1/1900 right now too.

  2. question  

    Where do these appointments take place? John Jay lounge again?

  3. Paul  

    I assume it's in John Jay.

    And yes, suite selection happens before general.

  4. moo  

    suite selection only

  5. does  

    anyone know if the spectator article about the summer renovations for EC 10 is true? Housing is giving me the run around, saying they haven't finalized the schedule yet.

  6. hey anyone know  

    what floors of EC have been renovated? i know 20 and 18 as of 2006-2007...anymore since?

  7. holy crap  

    thanks bwog, i couldn't find this link anywhere.

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