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GossipsThe Blue and White is pleased as punch to commandeer the Bwog airwaves for a moment in order to announce the launch of our new site, designed by the ever-brilliant Mr. Robert Stenson, Esq. No longer shall we suffer, as Samson did, trapped between the Bwog’s two imposing columns—from this day onward, the print magazine asserts its own new, aesthetically pleasing web identity.

Of course, your feedback is desired while we iron out the technical details of our new design. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Web Designer  

    Looks snazzy, but please add a pre-load images script so that all the effects work properly for first-time visitors.

  2. YEAH  


  3. dsz  

    I really like it, but the mouseovers are a little... loud.

  4. who cares  

    Snazzy indeed. I love it!

  5. heh

    They only thing I'd do is tone down the blue, but I'm guessing BW does not like Pantone 292 as much as Low Library thinks they should.

  6. The King of Spain  

    If only you could tone down your pretension!

  7. Delighted

    I think it's beautiful--nice job, guys!

  8. Obsessed  

    Whenever Rob Stenson has babies, I AM GOING TO KIDNAP THEM. They will be the coolest babies ever made.

  9. fan  

    It looks great, though like all things B&W, it seems to model itself off of the New Yorker quite a bit: http://www.newyorker.com/. Also, I'm still getting that weird image frame error about every third pageload or so.

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