It’s a Beautiful Day

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About 90% of Columbia students are outdoors right now, so the unsheathing of the glorious, emerald South Lawn is news only for a cloistered few.

More lawn porn after the jump.

This fellow has a good idea for cooling down: liquid nitrogen. It’s for Health Services, should anyone fall victim to heat stroke (unlikely, as the weather is summerish, but not quite summerful).

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  1. yup  

    i've been in butler since 4 am. great news!

  2. yes!  

    it's the most wonderful time of the year.

  3. EAL  

    Columbia four-square is back!

  4. Days on Campus  

    If there's grass on the field...

  5. amen!  

    Every day that the grass is covered, I die a little inside. This has revived me.

  6. aaaaaand  

    it's my birthday! first gorgeous day + uncovering of lawns + thursday = best birthday ever!

  7. birthday buddy  

    it's my birthday too !!

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