Quickspec: Serious Questions (Seriously!) Edition

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How will Minghui Yu’s death be commemorated?

Swastika: symbol of hate or symbol of love?

Are education and cash incentives mutually exclusive?

How on earth do I pay my taxes?

But seriously, can I live with myself if I vote for the cowboy hat party?

…and finally, the return of Spec’s housing blog, The Shaft.


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  1. Taxes

    Columbia as a whole may suck at providing financial/tax advice, but the ISSO is fantastic at helping international students with this...they pay for a computer program that generates your federal tax returns for you once you answer a bunch of questions and then holds seminars that walk you through every line of your state returns. Go ISSO.

  2. Really?  

    Cowboy hats? Really?

  3. oh yes  

    i can most certainly live with myself if i vote lemon party.

  4. educ+cash

    This is basically known as a SCHOLARSHIP.

  5. ...  

    taxes are easy. turbotax.com costs like $30 and takes like 20 minutes.

    the only time it falls apart is if you contract or invest.

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