Housing Registration Day 2: resignation & regroup

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housing 3UPDATE (1:16 PM):  Senior selection is over…except for senior re-group.  The lounge is closed until 2pm, so here’s the final count.



housing 2



 UPDATE (12:25 PM):  There  are two high demand Woodbridge suites  left, but all “H” lines are gone.

Per Bwog’s request, housing is now listing Woodbridge rooms by line.  Here’s what we’ve got:

A: 4

B: 7

C: 1

D: 6

E: 6

F: 2

G: 6

H: 0

I: 5

J: 5

K: 1


Advice:  As there are a dozen groups of doubles who have yet to pick, Bwog would like to remind you that when picking into Woodbridge, consider that if you pick the “A” and “B” lines on the lower floors, your north-facing windows will look out onto the glorious vista of…the building next door.  So if you’re a connoisseur of natural light, aim high or go for another side of the building.

UPDATE (11:30 AM):  Housing selection for groups purely composed of seniors will end at 12:48 p.m. today.  In the remaining time, Bwog counts 14 groups of doubles, 6 groups of people looking for 4-person suites, 5 groups of people looking for 6-person suites and 3 groups of people looking for 5-person suits.  Woodbridge can easily accommodate the doubles (with many rooms left over for senior re-group and juniors).  The 4-person groups are going to have to live in Claremont or break up in senior re-group.  The 6-person groups are basically out of luck–there is exactly one of those suites left, and it’s in Claremont  The 5-person groups are equally unfortunate…there’s one of those suites in Claremont, but otherwise it’s re-group time.

UPDATE (11 AM):  Housing, which seems to have a younger and more aesthetically pleasant staff today, is being much more diligent about updating the white board.  Changes: there are now only 9 one bedroom doubles in Watt and 35 Woodbridge medium demand rooms.  The main entertainment of today is watching rising seniors (who’ve gone through this process twice before) navigate a system they still don’t fully understand.

Guy:  Watt? A double?

Housing: Yeah…

Guy: What’s a studio double?  What is this! Why is this so freaking confusing?!

          (starts to walk out of John Jay)

Housing: Um, where are you going?

Guy: Off campus. 

Senior Regroup:  In case you’re wondering how this works, the housing website is vaguely illuminating.  At 2 p.m. today seniors who formed groups but had numbers so high they couldn’t pick into suites will all meet in the John Jay lounge, analyze the remaining housing stock, and form new groups.  They’ll be given new lottery numbers and will begin selecting housing from 3-3:30 pm.  In other news, there are now 28 East Campus 5-person exclusion suites left.

UPDATE (10:30 AM):  There are no more East Campus flats or 6 person townhouses.  All that’s left in that concrete block of a building are exclusion suites.

housingGood morning, good morning!  Bwog apologizes for the delay in posting, as we’ve been experiencing technical difficulties.  But we’re up and running now.  The photo at right displays the current housing stock–although in the last 20 minutes the number of East Campus 5-person exclusion suites has gone from 32 to 30.  Woodbridge is still going strong (good news for those rising juniors among you with your sights set on the shaft).  There are 4 suites left in the high demand lines (H, K, C) and 36 left in the medium demand.  We’re not sure why housing has left Hogan on the board except to taunt people with four-digit lottery numbers.

 Though the sun is barely in the sky, rising seniors are already  munching on chips and drinking sierra mist to replace their fears with stomach aches and greasy fingers.  The music is mellow (thank the gods) but experience tells us it will not remain so.  Bwog will be here all day, so check back for updates.



  1. I'm  

    existentially resigned.

    Today my housing was picked. Or maybe yesterday; I am not sure.

  2. yo!  

    the fridge of "cool" drinks seems to be broken. WARM sierra mist.

    Shameless self promotion: 4 person senior regroup seeking additional person for EC-X. Contact @ housingbonedus420@gmail.com

  3. jpm

    after 2 years in an exclusion suite, i could never wrap my head around the image of 5 seniors sharing one. don't do it. regroup for a 1-bedroom in watt or woodbridge with someone quasi-sane, and then you don't have to deal with putting someone in that awful, tiny, double. :( i cry for you, exclusion suite seniors. i cry for your stupidity.

  4. jkkh

    Most seniors recruit two juniors or doubles for the double room. I actually don't know any seniors who both live in one.

    • There Are Some  

      Last year 5's were very popular, so seniors picked into ECX suites.

      I suppose if one or both of the double-owners have significant others it can work. Still though, you couldn't pay me to have a double as a senior.

  5. Anonymous  

    ughhhhh i hate housing, it is so confusing if i had known better i would have just gone in at a pair before all this, thats the only way to be sure of a good room, I have been looking at floor plans and the worst you can do as seniors is a 1 bedroom apt in woodbridge(320 plus sq ft) or watt(~400 sqft)

  6. Anonymous  

    wait!!!! watt and woodbridge all have their own bathrooms and kitchens for just the two people. Thats incredible Thanks for telling me this housing!!???!

  7. Anyone  

    Anyone else going into Senior Regroup?

  8. Anonymous  

    HAA, if by regroup you mean get out of the worthless housing system, YEAh... I should have listened to your article a long time ago. There plenty of apartments on 110th that for two people will cost less for a year than housing does for the school year, i just got one yesterdayyyyyy woot!

  9. Rising seniors  

    We feel your pain.
    -Barnard Class of '09

  10. yo :)  

    Do Ruggles 8-person suites have common rooms?

  11. Anonymous  

    i went to a couple parties in ruggles and since the renovations the 8 person suites are brand NEW, also the common room and kitchen are all the way at the fart end so parties there never get broken up because you cant hear anything from the lobby

  12. announcement  

    its 1:14, can we get an update on whats left for regroup in 45 minutes?

  13. advice  

    The Woodbridge A line is glorious. Nice size of kitchen and open area to make a dining area, and very easy to curtain and make the living room the second bedroom without taking all of the place's open space.

  14. question  

    can we get an updated picture of the board?

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