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doneFINAL UPDATE (4:20 PM):  It’s all over for the day.  As expected, senior regroup had little effect on anything other than E.C. exclusion suits (18 left) and Woodbridge doubles (27 left).  The photo to the left shows what’s left in East Campus, Watt, Ruggles, Woodbridge and Claremont.

A word to the wise for you rising juniors choosing housing on Monday: show up at least 10 min. in advance.  More than one group in senior regroup was there because a member had simply “forgotten” the appointment time. 

regroupUpdate (3:45 PM): A handful of groups still remain–this process will likely last another half hour, at least.  Housing isn’t going to update the white board until this is over and won’t let Bwog back to see what rooms are getting snapped up but it’s safe to assume that Woodbridge doubles and E.C. exclusions suits are in high demand.

Update (3:03 PM):  Morale in this room is so low, people either tend toward entropy (complete depression) or intense exaggeration.  Two boys tell Bwog that they owe their current plight to the Jews, jocks, and ethnic groups who get same suite rights every year.  Right…  “It’s ok, we’re Jewish,” they rush to assure me.

   Housing has begun the bizarre process of giving people new lottery numbers.  Each group has a blue ticket with a 6-digit number that housing employees will call out at random.  It’s sort of a pre-lottery lottery.


And we’re back at housing selection where a mass of rising seniors have gathered for senior regroup–perhaps one of the most stressful events housing ever holds.  Seniors know they have to break their 5 and 6 person suites apart and either drop down to general selection and try to get singles on the same floor or bundle themselves into E.C. exclusion suites and doubles.

Initially confronted with the dilemma, brows furrow and eyes water, but the pain of separation is soon replaced with total confusion as some groups mistakenly believe they can find new group members by holding up a sign saying “2 men” or yelling their demands.  Bwog favorites: two boys who have lived in special interest housing for the past two years and are totally lost in this process–several hours ago they had a variety of options and now they’ve basically screwed themselves.  Mostly they just stand around and grin at each other.


  1. question  

    where are they in the housing selection process? have only senior groups picked? or what about like the 26 point groups?

  2. whoa whoa whoa  

    what happened to the article about columbians in jail?

  3. fucked by housing  

    Update? Isn't senior regroup over at 3:30?

  4. wondering....  

    how many ec exc suites are left?

  5. question  

    What exactly do you mean by special interest housing? is that like frats/potluck house/ihouse/LLC, or something else?

  6. I think  

    What they mean is like a group of swimmers who keeps getting same suite rights in some suite because members keep switching off. Like if it was a 6 person suite, they'd have like 4 seniors and 2 juniors than the juniors get same suite with 4 new ppl and the cycle can endlessly continue... maybe?

  7. Actually  

    you only get same wuite rights when 3 people return

  8. oh okay

    I wasn't sure about the full logistics behind it, but it works basically like that right?

  9. Wow  

    I can't believe there were 9 groups of 5 seniors stupid or desperate enough to pick into an exclusion suite. These are your classmates, folks.

    Would any of the 18 suckers who signed up for the doubles care to explain themselves? You're not studying abroad, and you can only swap rooms within your class, so I have to know, what were you thinking?

  10. alum

    well... what will likely happen is one of 2 things:
    - there is a couple in the exclusion suite who will occupy the double (happens more than you'd think)
    - the seniors in the double will apply for summer room transfers. given their (likely) crappy lottery #s, they'll be at the beginning of the list. there are always some EC highrises that go via summer room transfer, b/c they're held out for disability and don't get filled. same with RA rider suites - some RAs don't have friends.

    so while they may be spending senior year in a cramped double, chances are the outlook isn't quite so grim.

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