1. cba321  




  3. that  

    was pretty great.

  4. Anonymous  

    Are they named after this?


    Because that would be strange. Also, NSFW.

  5. they  

    can drink my lemonade any day

  6. wow  

    THIS WAS SOOOO GOOD! I wish other campaigns would be more funny and amusing. Good job cc' 09 cc'10 sucks with their candidates

  7. LIE  

    colin drummond is NOT hosting days on campus!! he's not even a tour guide

  8. lemonade

    this is seriously the best campaign i've seen in my four years at columbia. please get these guys in.

  9. So then

    is Krebs the impostor long lost brother who shows up hat in hand?

  10. Jutters Jeevah Bezza  

    WAAAOH!! stay crackin
    lemon party shall PREVAIL!
    keep it real
    keep it cool
    keep it hott

  11. i don't know  

    I think Alidad even had a funnier video than this one.

  12. GSer  

    Dear GS students,

    At the Tuesday, April 8th meeting of the General Studies Student Council, a motion was made to impeach the GSSC president, Niko Cunningham. The GS Constitution requires a quorum for such a vote, and a two-thirds majority is needed for the motion to pass. Fifteen members constitute a quorum of this 22-member voting body, and it was reported to me that twelve people voted in favor of impeachment and three against. By this vote, Mr. Cunningham was impeached. After this happened, Mr. Cunningham asked Dean Stellini, advisor to the GSSC, and me to review the procedures of the meeting and to investigate the validity of the vote. We took Mr. Cunningham’s concerns seriously. Based on our review of the matter and the information we gathered, we found no evidence that there was a violation of the constitution or the rules, and I communicated this to Mr. Cunningham. The GSSC Constitution provides for the Vice President for Policy to assume the position of the president in such an instance. Therefore, Nancy Saunders is now serving as President of the GSSC and I have met with her to discuss the remaining work to be done by the GSSC as this academic year winds down.

    As you may be aware, the election process for next academic year’s GSSC is now underway. I urge you to attend the debates and read the profiles of the candidates for the various GSSC positions. The GSSC represents the GS student body and your concerns in many capacities in working not only with the GS administration, but with other offices and student groups across campus. Your participation in the voting process can make a difference in selecting the student leaders who will advocate on behalf of the GS undergraduate student body.


    Mary McGee

    Dean of Students and Associate Dean of Faculty/GS

    11 April 2008

  13. gfdgds  

    there will be bud is funnier than this you ripped it man

  14. this is great  

    I was going to vote for them before but this sealed the deal. They seem both hard working, earnest, and like they might actually do something AND have fun during senior year. Go LE:MON.

  15. I wonder

    what else they have in store?

  16. The King of Spain  

    This was very funny, and I learned a lot about them. That is a good thing.

  17. alexw  

    I'm deferring my own graduation and transferring into CC so I can vote for them.

  18. yooo  

    LE:MON kicked fusion's ass in the debate!

    it was glorious.

    too bad no one came.

  19. supporter  

    I want to see bowling balls thrown at Mark Johnson.

  20. this  

    is not that funny

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