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Bwog just received an email announcing the winners of ESC’s 2008 General Elections. It’s time to meet your new governing cabal, SEAS.

Class of 2011

President: Kamal Yechoor

Vice President: Chris Elizondo

Representatives: Albert Miller and Dana Ibarra

Class of 2010

President: Heather Lee

Vice President: Lili Gu

Representatives: Gunnar Aasen and Kelly Chen

Class of 2009

President: Kim Manis

Vice President: Erin Svokos

Representatives: Krissie Zambrano and James Tsai

University Senator
: Rajat Roy

CCSC Liaison: Kimberly Lipman-White

GSSC Liaison: Epsita Hoque

SGA Liaison: Sophie Chu

Academic Affairs Representative: Boris Mindzak

Alumni Affairs and Professional Development Representative: Pradeep Bandaru

Student Services Representative: Emma Lebwohl


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  1. Anonymous  

    didnt rajat roy just almost get impeached??? how is he a senator ...this just goes to show you how worthless student council at Columbia is. Its juts a bunch of kids trying to pad their resumes sickens me that they decide what we want

  2. uhh  

    rajat bounty hunter roy

  3. looks like  

    nick chen's campaign against heather didn't work. FAIL.

  4. seas student  

    didnt post the losers

  5. Brian Pan

    I congratulate Rajat for having executed a tough campaign to run against. Good job man.

  6. student council alum

    yeah, it's true about the resume padding, i know i did it just so i could put it on my resume but hey I also got some sweet King's Crown Awards out of it.

  7. except

    rajat is a mudslinging bat

  8. everyone...  

    calm down... oh wait, i'm forgetting... esc is serious business...

  9. Glad

    I'm glad Krissie and James won. They are excellent people.

  10. Celebrate Democracy  


  11. BC'  

    why havent you posted the SGA election results???

  12. ...


  13. asdf  

    yeah, some of us might do it for our resumes, but when it comes down to it, we'll have it on our resumes and the rest of you won't...

  14. Rajat Roy  

    I talked to Brian. He didn't post the mudslinging comment. He and I agree it was a fair race.

  15. For those..  

    not versed in political doublespeak, Rajat here is employing civility. Brian definitely posted that comment. His comeuppance will come, and they both know it.

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