Law Students Make Choices They Will Eventually Regret

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Tipster/photographer Matt Shields directs Bwog’s attention to the South Lawn, where law schoolers are staging a mock hunger strike protesting the ban on drinking in the Black Box theater. They’re calling themselves PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Alcoholics) and according to their colorful, upbeat propaganda, they “will not eat until they can drink—on stage.” (The third protester holds a sign that inexplicably proclaims “We’re not gonna protest.”) And look, they even have a tent and a guitar… just like real activist-types!






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  1. yo...  

    Can we get a graphic to the tune of...

    "I support the alcoholic hunger strikers"

    thanks bwog!

  2. what does  

    the sign in the bottom picture say?

    • chas carey  

      I think it's "law revue appropriated my amp," though it could well be "law revue approved my app."

      Given Columbia Law's standing as a pretty awesome law school, I doubt they'd let the law revue approve anyone's app, though if I got in I'd totally be on south lawn, screaming "remember us?!? we're the law school!!! we actually matter too!"

      seriously; future-lawyers, hey! come out and say hi! we won't begrudge you studying on the steps!

  3. Bethmann-Hollweg  

    "We're not going to protest" is the infamous chant from the classic film "PCU", starring Jeremy Piven.

  4. umm  

    law review approved my app?!

  5. i actually fully

    support this protest

    no alcohol in the theatre? getting drunk in the theatre is as american as apple pie

  6. blind  

    its law revue annexed my amp

  7. blinder  

    Are you sure it's not annexed my APT, i.e. apartment?

  8. blow it up

    it says annexed my amp. fo sho

  9. Rick Schwartz  

    It was "law revue annexed my amp. I filmed it. Come see our show April 24th and 26th at 8:00 in the LERNER PARTY SPACE. All are welcome, tickets go on sale April 21st at the Law School!

  10. po thead  

    you law idiots should do something that will actually make a difference, like decriminalizing marijuana in this damn country.

    • holy crap  

      seriously, LEGALIZE IT

      we are wasting money enforcing stupid laws. have you ever heard of a guy robbing a bank for weed money or coming home high and beating his wife and tearing his family apart because he couldn't cut his addiction? didn't think so.

      also, what's with that stupid commercial where that girl is talking to her "chica" on a cell phone and is like "oh no i was so high last night i can't believe that embarrassing picture taken of me is going around"? i'd be curious to see that photo. i somehow doubt it's her like taking off her clothes and giving a guy a lap dance. more likely to be her watching tv and gorging on cheetos with orange all over her fingers.

  11. legal easy  

    Scalia smokes pot

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