Opening Day of the Street Fair Season

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It’s the first real street fair of the season! The east side of Broadway is fenced off to make way for crepe-making, halal, carnival games, and the highest concentration of tie-dyed sweatshirts we’ve ever seen. Bwog took to the streets with a camera to capture the springtime loveliness. (And how about this weather!)



– Photos by JNW

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  1. LOVE IT  

    i'm glad the happy columbia is back

  2. gotta...  

    ...love all the shiny Days on Campus pre-college idealism.

  3. bullshit  

    This street fair is bullshit. Where the hell is the sock man? Did I just like, miss him completely?

  4. yay!

    Yay! It's the same greasy crap over and over and over again!

  5. hmph  

    is that a post-guggenheim fellowship moyn? is he too good to look at the camera now?

  6. yeah . . .  

    The Thai tent gave me heartburn. And I am not a middle-aged man. Be warned.

  7. what do you  

    call a farmer during his first manhattan taxi ride?

    corn in the cab!

  8. question  

    How often do these happen now?

  9. Anti-Street Fair  

    Am I the only one who feels kind of bad for local vendors during the street vendors?

  10. cra

    Where are the batteries and old makeup?

  11. currently abroad

    UM YUM. i miss fatty american food

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