A Weekend for Democracy

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SGA election results have rolled in.

President SGA

Sarah Besnoff


Maria Luiza Morad

Vice President For Communications

Kathryn Palillo

Vice President of Finance

Amy Chen

Jr.Rep to BOT

Daphne Larose

Community Affairs Rep.

Emily Kan

Academic Affairs Rep.

Muzna Ansari


Emily Kenison

Representative for Diversity

Sophie Soares

Representative for Student Services

Jackie Bundock

Representative for University Programming

Shalini Agrawal

Representative to GSSC

Abbey Warner

Sr. Class President

Jamie Prem

Sr. Class VP

Katie Goble

Sr. Class Treasurer

Margaret (Maggie) Marron

Sr. Class Secretary

Elise Franklin

Jr. Class President

Chelsea Zimmerman

Jr. Class Treasurer

Isabel Araujo

Soph. Class President

Reni Calister

Soph. Class VP

Lara Avsar

Soph. Class Treasurer

Eve Guterman

Soph. Class Secretary

Marisa Franklin

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  1. i dont quite  

    think the statue of liberty is an appropriate image to designate as "democratic"

    fix that.

  2. wtf?  

    All the elected candidates are women! What a great day for our nation.

  3. EMILY!  

    and I went to high school together. SHE ROCKS! YAY!

  4. SGA  

    ...stands for what?

  5. meh  

    comment 9 did not affect my current emotional standing.

  6. yay  

    sarah besnoff is awesome.

  7. yay again  

    woooo Katie Palillo!

  8. frat boi  

    tampons. hahahaha

  9. Columbia guy  

    Wow, I don't know a single one of these girls. It's almost like we go to a different school or something.

  10. this is a  

    very funny comment thread. Everyone is commenting on each other. Like a dysfunctional family's conversation!

  11. zzz  

    no one gives a shit about barnard politics....

  12. hey  

    fuck you. why does everyone use the word meta at this school.

  13. well um  

    if the word fag were written on the wall of the carman lobby, somebody would have cleaned it up by now. where were you bwogsters? maybe the metadiscourse swept you up in its metaness and youve gone so far you cant even see the discourse itself. META.

  14. brad neely  

    ron likes twizzlers.

  15. ...  

    I love PrezBez--and I don't even go to Barnard!

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