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  1. mec

    How about the fact that there are exactly zero Middle Eastern Cultures list B and C courses offered next semester.

    Hello, Columbia? is anybody driving this thing?

  2. pe choices

    any comments about the hatha yoga class? is it really so easy that its not fun?

  3. unreasonably upset  


    Now I can't prove that my upsetness is formally provable. Nor will I ever learn what that means.

    This system isn't complete!!!1

  4. ...

    Where are the continuous housing updates? Get on that.

  5. Anxious  

    English Department admit lists, which are supposed to be posted by noon today, are all screwed up. The website is displaying the seminars from last semester, even though the ones from this semester were up for a brief period last night.

  6. cupcake  

    why don't some classes have the times up?! helloooooooo columbiaaaaaaaa we need to SCHEDULE! stupid.

  7. hmm  

    Is it just me or is there a disproportionately large number of classes on MW? And a ridiculous number w/ no class time or instructor up.

    Space crunch?

  8. and also  

    what does it mean if the seminar leader is only notifying students by e-mail rather than posting an admit list?


  9. also

    no mw evening history classes.

  10. senior  

    this is sort of...sad

  11. music hum  

    I'm a rising senior and every section of music hum was full before I could register. Can anyone say wtf??

  12. okay  

    Longest description of a class.

    THTR V3004x-BC3005y

  13. the reason  

    that music hum is "Full" is because the system has it capping out at 2 students per class. (see the directory). What idiots.

    • sigh  

      well, that sucks. The whole advantage of waiting until you're an upperclassman was supposed to be NOT having to petition or otherwise waste time to get into core classes.

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