Bwog Personals: Presidential Edition

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In a very special [ed. note: and very sic] edition of Bwog Personals, we invite you to meet your eligible and handsome CCSC Presidential candidates. All interested parties should email bwog@columbia.edu and we’ll arrange and pay for a date with one of these fine gentleman.


Name: George Krebs

Year: 09

School: Columbia College

Major:  Political Science

 Cambridge, MA

Best Book You’ve Read for Class:  Transforming Leadership, Burns

Worst Book You’ve Read for Class: To the Lighthouse

Most shameful thing you’ve ever done to procrastinate: Mario Kart

Beverage of choice:  Mango juice with pulp

What are your most played songs on iTunes? The Seed, The Roots, Start Me Up, Rolling Stones, Be, Common

What do you wish were your most played songs on iTunes? La Nozze Di Figaro, Mozart, My Favorite Things, Coltrane, Spring, Vivaldi

Favorite Morningside Heights Meal:
Chicken Burrito at Tacqueria y Fonda

The title of your memoir:  While I Was Busy Making Other Plans

Dream date 5 words or fewer: Kind, interesting

Thing you’re looking forward to most this year:  Listening to good vinyl records on my turntable, reading Langston Hughes, hanging out with good people.

Thing you’re looking forward to least this year: Being 3/4 through college

If you could service any one politician, living or dead, in a public bathroom, who would it be? Nelson Mandela

Name: Alidad Damooei

Year: 2009

School: Columbia College

Major:  Economics

Hometown:  Thousand Oaks, CA

Best Book You’ve Read for Class:  “The Discourses” by Michiavelli

Worst Book You’ve Read for Class: Heroditus; all the Persian-bashing got on my nerves.

Most shameful thing you’ve ever done to procrastinate: Poke wars on Facebook.

Beverage of choice: Vodka mixed with something.

What are your most played songs on iTunes? An eclectic mix of middle eastern pop, opera, halleluja by jeff buckley, and chicago by Sufjan Stevens.

What do you wish were your most played songs on iTunes? Something that would make it seem as though I have good taste when that conversation comes up during a first date.

Favorite Morningside Heights Meal: Chicken Salad at Le Monde.

The title of your memoir: “Who’s your Alidaddy?: The Man behind the Nickname”

Dream date 5 words or fewer: Beach. Wine. Fire. No blackberry.

Thing you’re looking forward to most this year: Making CCSC kick ass.

Thing you’re looking forward to least this year: Graduating.

If you could service any one politician, living or dead, in a public bathroom, who would it be? This all depends on the definition of “service.”

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  1. cupcake  

    note to alidad and mark johnson -- YOU ARE NOT GRADUATING THIS YEAR.

  2. wow  

    both of these suck. colin drummond and mark johnson are both far more eligible.

    To The Lighthouse as your worst book? oh man that's weak sauce.

  3. And...  

    Coming around the final bend... they're neck and neck!

  4. Anonymous  

    You dislike a Greek for disliking their greatest enemy?

    And the other guy dislikes To the Lighthouse.


  5. i gotta respect  

    alidad for not playing down the douche factor. e.g. no blackberry & machiavelli's discourses. maybe ironic i guess but probably just honest.

    • But Guys!!  

      If Alidad doesn't win, what does he have to look forward to this year? Poke wars and vodka mixed with chicken salad? But I agree, gotta give him credit for honesty. He sums himself up when he says, "Something that would make it seem as though I have good taste when that conversation comes up during a first date."

  6. if i could vote...  

    I would totally vote Alidad.

    Why? B/c he thought the same thing I did when I read "service".

    you see what one word could do?!

    It's comparable to "bitter" by Obama, but most def. in a positive way.

    • um...  

      how many possible interpretations of the word "service" could you possibly come up with when followed by "in a public bathroom"? especially as the last question on a personality survey on the bwog? i suppose you could think of maybe turning on the water and handing out towels for tips, but come on.

      if i had to vote based exclusively on the answer to this question, it'd be krebs all the way.

  7. krebs  

    just lost my vote. "to the lighthouse" was by far the best book on the lithum syllabus, only hated by those who read nothing and were told "to the lighthouse" was boring by other gentlemen who did not read let alone try to understand it.

  8. webster  

    alidad spells herodotus wrong

  9. Sigh  

    I love you, George Krebs. I'm kind! I'm interesting!

  10. c'09

    i agree with #7 about "to the lighthouse," but i'm willing to forgive george.

    alidad, on the other hand, knows how to spell neither "herodotus" nor "machiavelli". yipes.

    also, taqueria >>>>> le monde. i think my choice is clear.

  11. Typical  

    Krebs didn't like "To The Lighthouse?" Oh, he's so masculine. And Damooei saying "No blackberry?" Probably referencing the fact that the blackberry is the modern leash for financial professionals. Only he isn't a financial professional, he's a student who, ostensibly, opted to buy a blackberry for himself. Both fail. Glad I'm graduating.

  12. classics major

    "Herodotus" is a transliteration of the Greek Ἡρόδοτος. Though that transliteration is the conventional one, it's legit to transliterate Ἡρόδοτος in any way that produces the same sounds.

    Machiavelli, however, is Italian and therefore misspelled.

  13. lennon?  

    is krebs' autobiography title a reference to john lennon's "beautiful boy"? if so, i like it!

  14. Herodotus  

    and To The Lighthouse were among my favorite books in Lit Hum. It's interesting indeed that two of the people hoping to run our school next year chose books that are very important in our school as their least favorites. Also, I find both very creative works in terms of their ideas and beauty - can these men not appreciate those characteristics of literature?

  15. Pro-Krebs Konscript  



  16. Furthermore,  

    Alidad just got Krebed.

  17. ugh!

    too bad only douchebags have any interest in running. I'd prefer not to vote for one.

  18. analogy  

    george:chicken burrito

    alidad:chicken salad

  19. wait a sec  

    Are all the juniors running for 09 class counsel and for CCSC prez single? What is up wit that?

  20. To the lighthouse  

    sucked. I'm with George on this one; it had some good themes but the technique was God awful. It was like one of those poems that have one word paragraphs and over-use punctuation symbols for dramatic effect.

    And if you're going to not vote for George/Alidad on the basis of books they dislike, you are a dumb ass. Maybe their profs didn't teach it well, no?

  21. Flan Surprise

    Krebs kinda looks like Ian Glaser in that pic

  22. ugh  

    i love alidad but he apparently has terrible taste in food.

    plus i like a man who can drink his vodka straight up. oh well.

  23. haha

    Alidad always jokes about the portrayal of persians in that book... In case you didn't know, he is persian

  24. no, i', an  

    english major and to the lighthouse was a boring book. there's an argument for it being good, but there's not too many men who would make that argument.

    • Oooh, expert  

      Being an English major doesn't demonstrate any sort of expertise or acumen. All it demonstrates is that you opted for a simple major. Additionally, being a man ought to have nothing to do with whether or not one likes a book.

      Replying to #21: It's like those poems that have one word paragraphs and a lot of punctuation? How so? Considering it has neither one word paragraphs nor an artistic misuse of punctuation, I wonder why you make such a comparison. Is it possible, perhaps, that you didn't read it because it was written by a woman?

  25. gah  

    Alidad just lost my vote. Could he have tried harder to seem cool? "Hallelujeh" and "Chicago"? Shoot. Me. Now.

  26. so how

    come no one commented on the obvious fact that george said he would suck nelson mandela's dick in a restroom. either he didn't read the question and is an idiot or he did and is a good sport.

  27. votevote  

    Alidad is great. Much better answer to the last question.

  28. Obnoxious Linguist  

    It's "Le Nozze di Figaro"

    The Italian plural feminine definite article is "le" and "nozze" is plural. Foo'

  29. hmm  

    Someone should enter the date contest, go on a date with whoever they want to lose, induce that candidate to do something bad, and tell the scandalous story to Bwog. Good campaign strategy, no?

  30. rob and big

    alidad does not do work

    • columbia  

      Alidad does do work. He has been in several of my classes, and always has been one of the best students in the class. And at the same time, he still manages to devote a ton of time to student council AND be a fun, friendly person.

  31. uhh

    dude on the left looks like perez hilton

  32. Correction

    Colin Felsman isn't, he's been dating the same girl since freshman year.

  33. #21 again  

    Yes, I did read that book.

    Okay, I meant verse. Suck my dick, #31.
    #29, why would I not read the book just because it was written by a woman? What kind of moron are you?

    To demonstrate what I mean, the most important part of the book - where the protagonist dies - was written in italics, all in parenthesis, & called "time passes". Ooooh ahhhh. Fucking cheesy.

  34. Damn....  

    Alidad is hot....

  35. alidad  

    is the sweetest person i know and very genuine. so is george!! it's a tough one... these are 2 really nice guys who i think will lead the school well. though, alidad has my vote, i he'll really get shit done.

  36. alidad h8r  


  37. say whatt  

    alidad is by NO MEANS a tool!!! fo rEAL. if you knew him then you would realize your mistakes
    these are only your incorrect perceptions, perceptions that you have made for yourself

  38. John Wilkes Booth  

    I endorse Alidad for President. Connect Columbia!
    We share the same ideals.

  39. wait  

    The protagonist dies???! NOOOOOOO....

  40. Conscience  

    What did Alidad do during the Ahmeddinijad protest, the hate crimes, and the hunger strike?

    Not a damn thing.

    Krebs-Ahmed '08!

    • vote  

      Alidad is very concerned with social issues. He did a lot of work with making Columbia environmentally friendly, and also did a lot of volunteer work with the Blue Key Society. He is also aware of social/racial/justice issues on & off campus.

    • Conscience  

      What did Krebs do during the Ahmedinejad protest, the hate crimes, and the hunger strike?

      Not a damn thing.

      Vote lemon party!

  41. Bethmann-Hollweg  

    Alidad is arguably the most insufferable person on campus.

    Although to be fair, when I actually counted down the top 10 most insufferable people at Columbia, he finished a respectable third.

    Neda Nevab and her hot pants finished first.

  42. DHI  

    For lit hum, I liked that book by that rooskie about crimes and the punishments for them.

  43. english major  

    english is a "simple" major? oh no you didn't!

  44. bwog  

    should really do personals for jason patinkin/mallory carr

  45. ecorep  

    alidad attends most of our meetings and seems genuinely committed to improving columbia. he's clearly a nice (extremely nerdy) guy.

    i'm not voting because that would give the illusion that i give a shit about ccsc and i just couldn't live with that, but i felt to share my $.02 .

    also, to the lighthouse sucked because it sucked, not because it was written by a woman. feminists need to pick & choose their battles a little more carefully: as a result of your stupidity i'm gonna dismiss the next truly sexist thing i hear about as you guys being stupid whiny bitches. i hope you're happy

    • Silly

      You're an eco-rep and you don't care about CCSC? That's kind of like being in the EPA and not caring who's in the White House...ok, not really, but he could still make your job either a lot easier or a lot harder.

      And the nice thing about democracy is that no one knows whether or not you voted, so you can save the ostentatious detachment for football games.

  46. ...  


    Alidad and Jason Patinkin combined in student council would make for the greenest student council that this school has ever had!!!

  47. yo lemon party.  

    stop writing bwog comments as campaign material. no one reads this. you are going to lose.

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