Because You Haven’t Had Enough Free Pizza Today

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Happening right now: CCSC’s Do it in the Dark! Energy Challenge is providing free pizzas in the Carman lounge.

Though the pies are technically reserved for residents of Woodbridge, Carman and Hartley—the winners of the energy conservation challenge—President Diamond informs Bwog that CCSC will “not turn anyone who’s hungry away.”

Diamond also boasts of “those cinnamon sticks you dip in frosting.”


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  1. ...  

    goddammit! i have not exceeded the allotted clicks for my id! you have exceeded your allotted stupidity by failing to build "search for open sections" feature.

  2. FUCK  

    the cu libraries website is down and i can't access web of science to get the articles for it. i hate everything.

  3. non-winner

    Is it just me or were some buildings left out of the challenge? I'm a nerd and actually looked at Diamond's attachments, but noticed that a couple of dorms werent even listed.

  4. Alidad  

    is going to lose. WORD on the street.

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