CCSC: The Voting! The Endorsements! The 11th Hour!

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Did you know that lately, some students have been running for CCSC positions? Well it’s true, and you can exercise your right to democracy by voting today and tomorrow, either at an old-timey voting site on Low Plaza or on online. Polls are open from 9 AM to 7 PM both days. 

In case you’re still torn between Experience and Connectivity, Bwog’s compiled a list of all the students groups to endorse both parties:

Alidad Damooei and Connect Columbia:

  • The Columbia Spectator
  • The Black Students’ Organization
  • Columbia University Performing Arts League
  • Columbia International Relations Council & Association
  • Political Science Students’ Association
  • Korean Students’ Association
  • Taiwanese-American Students Association
  • Sigma Delta Tau
  • Beta Theta Pi
  • Students for North Korean Awareness

George Krebs and Experience Columbia:

  • CU Democrats
  • CU Republicans
  • Columbia Political Union
  • American Medical Students Association
  • Columbia Queer Alliance
  • Club Zamana
  • Turath (Arab Students Organization)
  • Progressive Jewish Alliance
  • Muslim Students Association
  • Rotaract
  • Pi Kappa Alpha
  • Psi Upsion
  • Zeta Beta Tau
  • Kingsmen A Cappella
  • Everyone Allied Against Homophobia
  • Organization of Pakistani Students
  • CU Chess Club  



  1. Bwog!  

    Let's see some exit polls!

  2. why....  

    why arent all the acronyms for experience not typed out?

    Whats AMSA?

    CQA - Columbia Queer Alliance
    MSA - Muslim Students Association
    EAAH - Everyone Allied Against Homophobia
    OPS - Organization of Pakistani Students

  3. AMSA  

    American Medical Students Association

  4. umm

    Hey bwog, don't you think it's a little bit sketchy to list one candidate above the jump and one candidate after the jump?

  5. better way to vote  

    1)count how many attractive individuals are in each party
    1a)write these numbers down
    1b)compare these numbers
    2)vote for the party that has the higher number of attractive individuals.

  6. in that case  

    the lemon party would win in a landslide!! Vote Colin Jason Colin!!

  7. Spec Endorsement  

    Vote Connect Columbia
    By Editorial Board
    PUBLISHED APRIL 15, 2008

    As is often the case, the two parties campaigning for this year's Columbia College Student Council Executive Board elections propose similar platforms with only minor differences. That leaves leadership style as the key decisive factor for voters casting their ballots beginning Wednesday. Experience Columbia has advanced innovative policy proposals and exhibits a good relationship with the student body. But Connect Columbia is better suited to take the helm of CCSC, thanks to its disciplined ticket, its interest in coalition-building, and its familiarity with the mechanics of the council.

    After a year of lackluster CCSC leadership, Connect Columbia stands the best chance of effecting real change in student government. Connect has displayed a willingness to reach out to the other student councils, and its view of CC as one of four co-equal undergraduate schools will endear the party to students outside of its constituency. Connect recognizes the need for broad coalitions that unite disparate groups of students behind a common cause. Its understanding for the University at large and its bureaucratic processes would serve it well in mobilizing support behind its platform as it lobbies the administration for policy changes. The party's approach has been honed by prior dealings with the Columbia administration, and its candidates—three of whom currently serve on the council—are well-situated to continue this year's efforts. Nonetheless, building broad coalitions is easier said than done. Moreover, Connect's candidates should take care lest their close relationships with administrators become too cozy, whether in appearance or in fact. CC students deserve advocates who will always keep their best interests front and center in dealing with the administration. The new CCSC board must act as a conduit for its constituents' concerns, even when council leaders believe the ideal solution is too expensive or out of reach.

    While the Experience candidates, too, can boast some familiarity with the University's administrative channels, they seem disjointed as a ticket and slightly less prepared to get to work in the fall. Further, whether or not Experience's presidential candidate George Krebs took more credit than he should have for the completion of the off-campus Flex project, he has not adequately rebutted the suggestion that he did. The controversy casts doubt on the otherwise-admirable centerpiece of his party's campaign: that Experience will bring transparency to the labyrinthine byways of CCSC. This issue notwithstanding, Experience Columbia offers several inventive solutions to the issues facing students. The party has smartly patterned its proposals after examples from other universities. Among its most attractive ideas are a Columbia student Web site modeled after the University of Pennsylvania's PennPortal and a disciplinary system similar to Harvard's.

    Whether or not Connect wins this week's elections, CC students should insist that their council be more open with them and take a collaborative approach to student government. In the past, too much dealing has taken place behind the scenes. Publicizing the council's work will restore credibility to a council that is often met with skepticism, and will also interest students in what their representatives do. But the council will also have to rack up policy successes if it is to regain student confidence, and for that, Connect is the better bet. A successful council must draw on the experience and expertise of both its members and the students it serves. It is with this in mind that we endorse Connect Columbia for CCSC Executive Board.

  8. ....  

    And one more thing, bwog, it's "connect," NOT "connectivity".... :)

  9. CQA  


    CQA proudly endorses George Krebs and his party, Experience Columbia
    for the CCSC executive board.
    George has proven to be a committed ally to the queer community
    throughout his time as President of the
    Columbia College Class of 2009. George has forged bonds and embraced
    relationships not just with CQA,
    but with other multicultural and multifaith groups at Columbia, being
    an eager participant in
    many of the events we have puttogether. His genuine dedication,
    warmth, passion and willingness to break
    through barriers has led us to believe he would be an excellent
    candidate for Columbia College President.
    The entire Experience Columbia ticket represents the positive changes
    that need to occur on this campus
    and we believe that their voices will best serve the needs of
    underrepresented and marginalized communities
    and identities at Columbia.

  10. College Republicans  


    Experience Columbia has reached out to many political groups, and we are
    confident that they will hold by their pledge to support the freedom of
    speech of our group and other groups on campus. Their initiatives regarding
    student club funding were innovative and will be a great help to student
    groups on this campus.

  11. Club Zamana  


    Club Zamana would like to announce its endorsement of the Experience Columbia party in the 2008 Columbia College Student Council election. We feel that Experience Columbia's platform and policies will best help us achieve the goals of our organization as well as those of the South Asian community as a whole.

    If you support Experience Columbia, join the Facebook group, I Stand with Experience Columbia:


    Change your Facebook picture to stand with us:

  12. vote!  

    experience columbia all the way! all the people in connect are just fake resume fillers. george krebs is a genuinely nice guy, for god's sake, HE CARES.

  13. The BSO  

    Hey Everyone,

    The CCSC Elections are Wednesday and Thursday April 16th and 17th. This year was the first year that the BSO has ever endorsed! (YAY)

    We endorsed:
    CONNECT COLUMBIA for CCSC Executive Board
    Tiffany Dockery for the 1 year Senate Position
    Joseph Daniels for the 1 year Senate Position
    James Downing for the 2 year Senate Position
    Aaron Edmonds for Student Services representative
    Zawadi "ZB" Baharanyi for Student Services representative (Write In)

    Please go out and vote for CONNECT COLUMBIA on Wednesday and Thursday, April 16th and 17th

    Alidad Damooei-President
    Donna Desilus-VP Policy
    Jennifer Choi-VP Funding
    Cliff Massey-VP Campus Life
    Veronica Col������³n-VP Communications

    We feel that Connect Columbia is best fit to assume the position of executive board and here is why:

    1. They represent a unique cross-section of student life, they are members of multicultural communities, Greek life, activist groups, campus publications, pre-professional organizations, and performance groups. They understand the sort of problems that we and our organization face on a daily basis. Such understanding will inform them so that they can serve all of us more effectively.

    2. Connect Columbia has shown us that they are capable

    A) Policy Track Record
    ���¢�¯�¿�½���¢ Created the new Pass/D/Fail Policy
    ���¢�¯�¿�½���¢ Reformed Academic Advising and created the new Center for Student Advising
    ���¢�¯�¿�½���¢ Lobbied to increase financial aid for middle class students
    ���¢�¯�¿�½���¢ Increased the transparency of the CCSC budget
    ���¢�¯�¿�½���¢ Encouraged professors to make course syllabi public during registration
    ���¢�¯�¿�½���¢ Brought environmental issues to council's attention
    ���¢�¯�¿�½���¢ Centralized Course Evaluations to eventually make the results public

    B) Programming
    ���¢�¯�¿�½���¢ Helped organize the first ever Homecoming Carnival
    ���¢�¯�¿�½���¢ Improved the quality of events to be held during College Days
    ���¢�¯�¿�½���¢ Light-Blue community building campaign
    ���¢�¯�¿�½���¢ Organized "Do It in the Dark Energy Competition" to reduce energy consumption
    ���¢�¯�¿�½���¢ Semi-Formal of the Class of 2010
    ���¢�¯�¿�½���¢ Backyard BBQ

    3. They have the experience

    Through Connect Columbia's experience on and beyond council, they know what works and does not work for CCSC. They understand where council can improve and they intend to make necessary reforms. Nevertheless, they have the perspective to implement pragmatic and feasible solutions. It is one thing to diagnose but it is another to cure.

    2.University Senator- 1 year position

    TIFFANY DOCKERY has a dynamic and innovative vision for our University that will address some of the most pressing issues facing our community today and go a long way towards making our community a Better Columbia.

    There are three basic components to her vision.

    Policy. Programming. People.

    Expand Office of Multicultural Affairs to Entire University
    Demand a More Environmentally Friendly Expansion
    Establish University Procedure for Hate Crimes
    Initiate Columbia Carnivale, a University-Wide Program
    Greater Community Involvement Outside of the Gates
    Bi-monthly forums with students in the College to have their voices heard

    JOSEPH DANIELS would like to see:

    ���¢�¯�¿�½���¢ Expansion of the Office of Multicultural Affairs to a University-wide office
    ���¢�¯�¿�½���¢ Creation of a Vice-Provostship of the OMA
    ���¢�¯�¿�½���¢ Ensure that space opened by the Manhattanville expansion goes to students and student groups
    ���¢�¯�¿�½���¢ Reevaluate Lerner Hall to maximize space for students
    ���¢�¯�¿�½���¢ More networking opportunities for students
    ���¢�¯�¿�½���¢ Greater fundraising for student life
    ���¢�¯�¿�½���¢ Increased Alumni involvement in programming at the University
    ���¢�¯�¿�½���¢ Ensure that allocations for new initiatives do not decrease funding for the College and undergraduate groups
    ���¢�¯�¿�½���¢ Columbia's primary role is an educational institution founded to serve, help, and benefit the students

    Please go VOTE, it is important that your voice is heard.

    Black Students Organization
    Columbia University
    Founded 1964

  14. CIRCA Eboard  

    Columbia International Relations Coucil and Association endorses Alidad Damooei and Connect Columbia:

    We fully endorse Connect Columbia because of their emphasis on coalition-building with the representative clubs would further CIRCA's aim for expanding in the coming year, as well as strongly support their leadership style and their familiarity with the councils already.

  15. amazingly

    Connect Columbia's website actually features - prominently - the news story:

    "CCSC Board Finds Ahmed Guilty of Election Violation"


    Implied: Connect Columbia - the party that won't come to your house and rape you

  16. tr3x  

    The Taiwanese American Students Association would like to endorse CONNECT COLUMBIA for the 2008 CCSC Executive Board. The candidates of CONNECT COLUMBIA have already proven themselves to be able and innovative leaders on campus and TASA is proud to support them for the 2008 CCSC election.

  17. CUPAL  

    CUPAL has voted to endorse the "Connect Columbia" campaign for CCSC. If you are voting in this CCSC election, please note that CUPAL has carefully considered the candidates and is very excited to work with the "Connect Columbia" team.

    The "Connect Columbia" team realizes, first and foremost, that it is important to work with student organizations to problem-solve and present a united front when dealing with the administration to make changes that will better the lives of students. CUPAL was established as an umbrella organization whose aim is to unite groups and discuss the concerns of the performing arts community in such a way that will lead us to viable solutions. "Connect Columbia," like CUPAL, is committed to working with performing arts groups to learn about chief concerns/problems and to figure out practical solutions.

    Everyone who is in the performing arts community knows that there are problems/issues/obstacles that we face daily. With the help of a strong, committed CCSC team, we can actually hope to achieve solutions. We feel that "Connect Columbia" is the team that is best-equipped to work with our community.

  18. ksa endorsement  

    After hearing from Connect Columbia, the Korean Students Association enthusiastically endorses Alidad Damooei and the Connect Columbia party for the following reasons:

    -Their deep understanding and innovative solutions for the space problems KSA has faced consistently this academic year

    -Their ideas for greater transparency in the funding system serving undergraduate campus life

    -Their interest in and plans for forging stronger relationships amongst the undergraduate clubs, the governing boards (i.e. ABC, OMA, etc.), student councils, and administration

    -Their passion and interest in serving our organization, in giving individual attention to the logistical issues we have faced this year

    The KSA board feels that the Connect Columbia platform not only understands the needs of the Columbia community but also has a feasible plan for addressing those needs. We truly look forward to working with Connect Columbia next year to achieve our mutual goals and to ensure that we not only better serve our general body membership but the entire Columbia community as well.

  19. jsb endoresement  

    my personal endorsement is complete and utter apathy, combined with a general disgust for people who care about student government.

  20. Hawkmadinejad  

    endores Connect Columbia.

  21. i agree  

    that the presentation is unfair, both for the fact that connect is listed before the jump with full acronyms spelled out, and the fact that experience is hidden and not given the same treatment. the bwog has been pretty clear in its biases anyway, but this is low.

  22. CUPAL  

    is the Columbia University Performing Arts League. the umbrella group for all performing arts on campus

  23. also  

    why are all these endorsements being posted in the comments? is that legit?

  24. chad  

    experience columbia is backed by true brozillas (pike, zbt)

  25. you forgot  

    blue key society endorsed connect columbia

  26. ...............

    What on Earth is the point of these endorsements? Does Alidad Damooei have a special Taiwan policy? Does George Krebs have a Middle East policy that Pakistanis find particularly appealing?

    • The  

      Councils are involved with policy that affect these groups. Eg: funding their governing board, negotiating campus space availability for groups, etc so endorsements matter

  27. i voted  

    for whoever bothered me the least while i was walking to class today

  28. Oh the Ethnic  

    Endorsement... I'm sure the BSO, KSA and Taiwanese Students Association did not consider the ethnicities of party members when voting, and were completely objective in that regard. Silly.

  29. CEC

    The Columbia Endorsement Club has chosen, despite it's name and mission statement, to endorse neither party in this year's CCSC elections.

  30. PJA


    Dear Progressive Jews and Allies, (VOTE Wed/Thurs)

    Progressive Jewish Alliance has chosen to endorse Experience Columbia because we believe the candidacy to be genuine and based on solid principles. We see our mission, in bringing Progressive Jewish issues to both Hillel and campus, tied up in building coalitions which bridge boundaries of identity, culture and religion, and address the needs of other campus constituencies. For this reason, we are excited about the possibility to participate in Experience Columbia's 'Connecting through Action" program in the future, and wholeheartedly support their pledge to take a stand on issues which resonate with students as a vital step in realizing the political capacity we hold within the university.

  31. this is  

    the most heinous post ever

  32. student group member  

    Connect Columbia has a taken an important stance on improving access to space on campus for student groups. As someone who has been active in planning large campus events for several years, this is a VERY important issue for student groups. It has gotten increasingly harder to reserve space on campus to have speakers, performances, discussions, and other important and/or fun events. Connect Columbia will definitely make space more accessible to student groups.

  33. organization member  

    Vote for Connect Columbia! As a board member of an organization, I appreciated the fact that they took the time out of their busy schedules to come personally talk to our organization. They explained the policies that would be beneficial for our club and also took the time to answer questions. It was refreshing to see that a party actually cares.

  34. alidad  

    is a loser of multiple proportions. if he becomes president, it truly reflects the lameness of this school. ALIDAD = tool. also, the only reason he is in Beta is because he is on CCSC. definitely not the Will Snider / Danny Ferraro type. those are some cool motherfuckers. Alidad = LAMEO. go play with your blackberry, sucka.

  35. Avi Zenilman

    This is amazing.

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