1. non-Barnard Girl  

    I go to CU and even I find that cartoon offensive.

    And god knows i normally like a good barnard joke but that is seriously fucked up.

  2. Silber

    The funny thing is how student life fees through the student activities board pay to support The Fed (unlike Spectator which is financially independent), so technically their little humor-rag could be subject to university restraint.

    The Fed would be a much better publication if it financially supported itself, anyway. Resigning itself to university funding sort of defeats the purpose of an "underground" satire publication.

    • not on the fed  

      I don't think there's anything contradictory about a student publication being funded by the University through student life fees. Our president is a free-speech scholar and has stated time and again that Columbia voluntarily upholds free speech as a matter of principle and of academic freedom.

      The Spec can afford to support itself because, by virtue of publishing 5 issues a week, it has lots of ad space to sell. Moreover, they've got an endowment and a corporate structure such that they own their computers and cameras. And even though they've been independent since '62, it's worthwhile to consider that they built their brand and alumni fundraising base during 100 years of University financial support.

      The fed, in addition to having a completely different purpose than the Spec, has a completely different scale too. Maybe an ad-supported structure is best for a daily newspaper, but I don't see why a student humor club should have to be profitable merely because they produce a printed product.

      If you think your student life fees are being ill-spent, start your own club, convince ABC to give you more money, and eventually, the fed will garner a smaller portion of the budget. Otherwise, I don't see the point in complaining that the fed staff, at the very least, are benefiting from the student life fees that they themselves pay.

    • Anonymous  

      Actually, the Fed was still getting pretty big checks from Alumni my Freshman year.

      Perhaps that's stopped now, and obviously they take some money from ABC, but gee golly, your fascist dream is sure appealin'!

      • Fed Publisher  

        We have rich alumni who used to write us big checks? Please tell me more about these mythic creatures. As far as I know we have had a normal abc budget like everyone else for a number of years now. Anybody interested in an explanation of The Fed budget or a justification for why we should get one should feel free to email me. It's really fascinating stuff I can assure you.

  3. well..  

    The only Spare Bear that is much different than traditional Barnard joke is the Homely one, but the rest are pretty standard.

  4. yo, man  

    the fed usually sucks but that cartoon is hilarious

  5. I go to Barnard  

    and we take far worse than that on a regular basis.

    Offensive? Yes. Shocking? Not in the least.

  6. i go to barnard  

    i write for the fed
    and i dont see how that joke is more offensive than any varsity show (which gets more money from the school than all other clubs combined), any rant in the spectator or any facebook group proclaiming "barnard bothers me".
    at least this is well drawn and silly. I laughed. People who can't make fun of themselves offend me more than anything.

    • I don't

      think the cartoon was offensive at all. And I agree with you, Barnard and a good portion of the student body take themselves waaay to seriously and need to loosen up. But that cartoon was just lame. And as far as the Varsity Show, I loved the whole Barnard/Vandenberg thing. Why? Because it was original, not just, "LULZ! Barnard girls are fat lesbian boyfriend-friend stealing dumb housewives".

  7. struggleuphagus  

    All of this would be relevant if any of this were in any way funny.

  8. I think

    ...the only thing wrong with that barnard thing was the homely bear.

    there are some surprisingly good looking lesbians at barnard.

    but most of them go to columbia.

  9. Fed Writer  

    You're all idiots. The "Now available at the Columbia Bookstore" written at the top makes it clear that the cartoon is also making fun of Columbia students who actually have those perceptions in the first place.

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