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In case you didn’t hear about the vag being built on Barnard’s campus…

And in case you didn’t hear about former SIPA Dean Lisa Anderson moving to Egypt

Columbia was great, pre-hippies

Did you know they cut up women in Tibet for sport? Good thing China’s there to keep them in line

The student body might like more info about the University Senators, but Bwog feels that would be unfair to the candidates looking for some easy, largely uncontested resume-padding.



  1. asdf  

    the tibet article's pretty well written. nice job.

    • that AIDS bit

      was truly astonishing. Was the author just pulling random propoganda from pro-china websites? Even if it were true (which it is so obviously not), would the morality or lack thereof somehow justify China's occupation? i mean, wtf. And what was that about "deserving" independence??? I didn't know self-determination was conditional on a solid human rights record--obviously not the case for china, who "self-determines" its borders to include Lhasa! If you want to contend that China's historical borders actually do include Tibet, fine; that article, though, was simply illogical. am sputtering at the lack of solid argument. AHHH

  2. EAL  

    Good column, Chris. Well done. Indeed, civility seems to be something that disappeared from the current student discourse at Columbia regarding controversies. I suppose people would rather just pitch a tent on the lawn or rush a stage to address their misgivings, instead.

    • Ahh  

      Chris. Master of doublespeak. If you really wanted to promote civil discourse, why bring the most obnoxious & polarizing speakers conceivable to campus? Why not try and actually bring some genuinely intelligent, reasonable conservatives to campus? No, let's bring the idiots building a fence on the border, the idiot claiming he's doing moderate Muslims a favor by calling out the "Islamo-Fascists", holding an affirmative action bake-sale, etc. Hypocrite.

    • surpise surprise

      I didn't think it was that great, and I don't have anything against the guy. "Believe it or not, Columbia was once a hub of national Republican politics..." Believe it or not Chris, it's no secret that Eisenhower was once the President of Columbia, at least formally (he was NATO commander for much of the time).

  3. Wait, what?  

    Hoo! Wow. Okay. The Tibet article is "well-written?" Um, so "one Dalai Lama has admitted to having sex with a hundred men and women, knowing all the while that he had AIDS." Well, it's not this one, right? Because he's pretty good and abstemious. So explain to me how a pre-1951 DL, living in what was obviously the late Cretaceous, not only contracted AIDS, which wasn't even discovered until 1981, but was diagnosed with it. How do you even make a claim like that?

    This is not only lousy history-writing, it's counterproductive. It shows remarkable cognitive dissonance to talk about human rights abuses in--let's just use the CCP catchphrase here--"feudal Tibet," while at the same time toeing the Chinese party line. I think the Free Tibet people have shit for brains, too, and they're only making the situation worse, but Jesus Christ, Spectator, does anyone read these things before they're printed?

    • HAHAHAHA  

      "CORRECTION: This submission misstates that one Dalai Lama admitted to having sex with hundreds of men and women while knowing that he had AIDS. Additionally, the submission misstates that many monks participated in the dismemberment of female bodies. In fact, there is no factual evidence to substantiate either of these claims. Spectator regrets the error."

      Best correction ever. Fucking read your own articles before you publish them, Spec.

      And Ms. Liu, please never darken my newspaper again.

  4. seriously spec  

    how could you possibly print something that is so obviously false? weak sauce, weak sauce.

  5. Anonymous  

    Yeah, Christina Liu certainly needs to explain herself re: former Dalai Lamas/AIDS. I mean, what?

    By the way, have you guys seen poorly written Chingrish comments on News Sites all over, talking about China Lovely Peace, Cable News Network Is Bad? Fantastic. Cognitive dissonance about political science/economics between the world's major billions has always worked out in the past.

  6. uh...  

    hey Bwog! real nice of you to take a potshot at University Senators...

  7. .........  

    Perhaps she is the individual who announces every few months or so on Bwog that Nelson Mandela was killed in a car accident.

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