CCSC: LiveBwogging The Finale!

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UPDATE 8:38 PM: Alidad informed Bwog that he received a text message that he lost. However, Krebs has not received a text informing him that he won. Stand by.

Just over 45 minutes ago, voting ended for the 2008 CCSC Elections. Ballots were cast, the gauntlet was thrown. While the CC listserv won’t receive an email announcing the winners til much later tonight, candidates are expected to receive a phone call around 9 PM with the results.

Bwog is going to embed itself with Experience Columbia and Connect Columbia, livebwogging all tension, awkwardness, and bravado of this very special night. Krebs and company will be gathered in Krebs’ room in Watt, while Team Damooei is going to be holding a summit at the West End. Check back on this post for updates from both camps and around 9 PM for an announcement with the results. But no matter what happens tonight, I think we can all agree that the real winner is democracy. 

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  1. anticipating...

    I want to know NOW!

  2. no anticipating  

    whatever, i checked the spec's brilliant and scientific polling and discovered that experience is going to win, 17-13 (votes).

  3. liveblogging?  

    where's the liveblogging?

  4. wut wut in my butt  

    I voted for Krebs on the sheer grounds that I could actually pronounce his name properly.

  5. Ethics  

    Clearly, we know which side the Columbia establishment is rooting for.

    See Diamond, Nicole and Ahmed, Adil for more info. SO biased.

  6. watt 4  

    there's a massive yelling celebration going on on watt 3 (casa de krebs), so i assume he's won.

  7. ...  

    what is that massive racket on amstersdam... sounds like a serious protest or something... lots of whistles.. manhattanville?

  8. ...  

    oh wait. i bet it's the woman's thing...

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