Free Coke Just Off-Campus

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Possibly in response to the recent “Kick Coke off Campus” event, the Coca-Cola corporation has pulled up an old-school truck to Broadway Between 115th and 116th, and is playing lively music (Rakim at one point) and giving away vintage 8.5-ounce glass bottles (the rep says it’s the 1901 design) of their main product. 

Find your love for Coke here. Find your hate for them here.

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  1. Until 1906,  

    Coke had cocaine instead of caffeine, so this trip might be worth it.

  2. Polar Bear  

    That was delicious.

  3. Dammit bwog  

    The headline had me so excited...

  4. John  

    coke and all conventional soda with all that high fructose corn syrup will just make you fat. try something like GUS if you want the real stuff. seriously it's worth it. you can actually identify and understand the ingredients.

  5. big shame

    Dear Coke, thank you for paying those colombian right wing paramilitary death squads to kill union organizers so I can have a free soda. I was really thirsy.

  6. Shit

    and here I thought bwog was going to save me a trip across campus but alas...

  7. wahhhh  

    is that girl in the picture groping herself?

  8. ...............

    It seems like those Columbian death squads were led to the wrong type of Coke plant.

  9. invisible_hand

    dear coke,
    thanks for poisoning the clean water supply in india and buying up the rest so the workers in your bottling factories use coke to brush their teeth instead of water, because it's cheaper.

  10. Perhaps

    if we have a "Kick cake and puppies off campus" then Cake and Puppy Co. will give them away for free

  11. Sing:  

    Coke stinks. (coke stinks) Its not as cost efficient as you think! Theres para-military ventures and poi-son wells...global devestation due to money claims!

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