QuickSpec: Signs of the Apocalypse Edition

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Lerner 6 being developed. No word on whether the new floor will have a Second Avenue Subway stop.

Take Back the Night: Now with men.

Floridita is slightly more doomed than usual.

Nobody talking about 1968. (OK, except this column.)

More CCSC complaints. Well, those are a little more normal.

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  1. mark rudd

    hey guys, did something happen in 1968?


  2. tbtn  

    Take back the night also included men partially in the past. It now FULLY includes men. "Now with men" is misleading.

  3. lemon party  

    is going to lose. they are a bunch of facebook stalkers. no real way to get into touch with people.

    • DHI  

      Explain to me how Fusion is "getting in touch with the people?"

      Lemon Party can do all the events/e-mail stuff that the other party can do. They're also easy to talk to because they don't take themselves too seriously. I don't really understand this complaint.

      Speaking of which, somebody should invent cold fusion.

      Also: "It’s also that we recognize that men are survivors of sexual assault—not at all to the same extent that women are" --- that's only if you don't count prison rape. According to some estimates (it's hard to tell because of massive underreporting) there might be more rape in prison than outside it. It's just kind of weird that it gets ignored during this whole thing, when it seems like a good reform target since it's institutionally supported.

  4. lemonade

    how in the hell can the lemon party lose? facebook stalking is what 90% of the people at this place do. they're just like us.

  5. gallup  


    Can we get some unscientific exit polls for the CCSC elections?


  6. DHI  

    I mean workable cold fusion

  7. Oh Come on  

    Bwog. The Mark Rudd commenter was just whoring himself out to the favorite comments section. Low bar Bwog.

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