Take Back the Night Promenades

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Right now, what seems to be a solid column of rape-whistling women and male allies is making its way down College Walk, chanting in unison. It’s cacophonous, powerful! More to come later.

Edit: Alex Port sends aerial photos from East Campus–after the jump!

Check back later tonight for complete TBTN coverage by Anna Phillips and photos from Kate Linthicum. 



  1. extremely  

    happy now...

    thx bwog!

  2. keb  

    It sounds like they're saying "What do we want? Pastry! When do we want it? Now!"

    I couldn't agree more.

  3. I thought

    it was "What do we want? Pussy! When do we want it? Now!"

  4. what do you

    call a march in favor of gentrification in harlem?

    Take back the blight!

  5. Irony?  

    What if the night didn't want to be taken back?

  6. We march  

    because there is an accumulation of sand in our vaginas.

    • Fuck you  

      They march because some of us remember what it felt like right after, when the whole world wasn't safe and locking the bedroom door was the only thing to do.

      More of us than you might think.

      If you ever talk to women on serious, sober terms (or hell, serious drunk terms work too) then ask if they think the stats are true. If you don't ever have that chance, then maybe the problem is on your end.

  7. The truly

    rape-worthy must be practicing at the firing range. Nice groupings!

  8. dizzy  

    those sideways photos give me vertigo.

  9. .........

    It is so pathetic that they didn't allow men to participate in years' past. What utter childishness.

  10. Robert Walpole  

    This is arguably the most ridiculous event in the whole wide world.

    Could you possibly imagine spending your Thursday night marching about, while yelling about rape?

    It's absurd. Barnard really is a school of morons.

    • errr...

      the coorinators are all in columbia college... and "yelling about rape" is a pretty pathetic understanding of what the marchers are doing. Yeah.

    • CU Marcher  

      You couldn't be more incorrect. The march isn't just to yell about rape and it isn't all Barnard people. I go to Columbia and this was my first year marching. There are numerous reasons why we march. I marched to show support to those who have been sexually assaulted and to say it's okay to speak up.

  11. as a man  

    (and someone who does not go to Barnard, and someone who did spend his Thursday yelling about rape) I am really glad that the organizers recognized that sexual violence occurs to men as well. The inclusion of male survivors and allies is a great step forward for the march.

  12. I For One  

    Don't need the "support" offered by strangers yelling in the streets to speak up.

    If something illegal, unfair, and wrong has been done to someone, then "locking the bedroom door" doesn't seem like the logical next step.

    It is not someone's fault if s/he gets sexually assaulted. Quite the opposite. It IS that person's fault if they don't tell anyone and then claim no one else cares.

    • get  

      the fuck over yourself. you're no better than anyone else, deal with it.

    • SEAS dude

      much easier said than done.

    • CC Dude  

      I think when you get raped, 'logic' goes out of the window.

      It's not their "fault" if they don't come forward; what a fucking tool you are... you make it sound like getting raped is like getting your iPod stolen, and there are no emotional consequences for the victim. Why do you think the identity of the Journalism student who was raped & tortured wasn't disclosed? Do you think it's easy to live with that?

  13. unawares  

    "sexual violence" sounds kinky

  14. i'm looking for  

    photos/audio/video of the event anyone?


    feel free to comment there too

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