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Here are the vote counts for every (contested) CCSC election. Uncontested races include 2010 and 2011 Class Councils and Pre-Professional Rep. A total number of 1921 votes were cast (including paper ballots), which is about 42% of the 4500 Columbia College students. Note: There are two spots for 1-Year Senate and Student Services Rep. 


Executive Board          Votes          Percentage    
Experience Columbia      1094           58.94%    
Connect Columbia         762            41.06%    

2009 Class Council Prez  Votes           Percentage    
Fusion                   299             53.78%    
LE:MON:                  257             46.22%    
2009 Class Council Reps  Votes           Percentage                 
Zahrah Taufique          326             27.46%    
Heather Oh               313             26.37%    
Colin Felsman            279             23.50%    
Brandon Shulman          269             22.66%    
At-Large Positions 


Academic Affairs Rep     Votes           Percentage    

Karen Woodin             1068            66.92%    
Gabriel Castillo         528             33.08%

(Castillo Dropped out last minute)


Student Services Rep Votes Percentage 

Aaron Edmonds            1211            51.25%    
Priyanka Gumaste         1134            47.99%    
Zawadi Baharanyi         18              <1%(Write-in)


Senate 2-Year Votes Percentage

Monica Quaintance     687     43.02%     James Downie         536    33.56%     Stephanie Wilhelm        374     21.41%    

Senate 1-Year            Votes           Percentage

Tiffany Dockery          670             24.17%    
Rishika Samant           657             23.70%    
Billy Freeland           649             23.41%    
Joseph Daniels           416             15.00%    
David Zhu                380             13.70%    

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  1. random  

    I have never voted in a CCSC election during my 4 years at Columbia.

  2. FYI

    It is unclear who won when looking at these even though you say something about the senate positions in the post. Please highlight the winners.

  3. Baby Protector  

    What the hell. ZB is the only candidate here who doesn't eat babies and she only got 18 votes. IS EVERYONE HERE A BABY EATER?

  4. Ugh  

    Joseph Daniels. Ugh.

  5. cbfdf  

    congradurations on your erection

  6. lizz  

    damn, look how close the senate race was.. considering only one person was running for each spot, it is surprising that these people got almost as many votes as the exec board members combined

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