53rd and 6th comes to 116th and Broadway

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Tipster Kirill Skok informs Bwog that the world-famous 53rd and 6th gyro/rice/pita/chicken, etc. cart is currently parked on College Walk.

For those of you eating leavened bread tonight, the cart’s sandwich selections are cheap, delicious, and highly recommended. 

Be warned: The cart’s been there since 3 PM—you might have noticed the mention of a chicken and rice cart in the Hangama article of earlier today—so it seems wise to hurry.

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  1. mmm

    chicken and rice--heavenly! of course i pick the wrong day to go home :(

  2. Riven  

    yeah, 3 servings in my fridge now. Food situation is good for a while now ^^

  3. blah

    they weren't on their game today. in fact- the c & r made me sick.

  4. Baby Protector  

    No babies for sell. Thats a good start. A good start, but some improvement could still be underway.

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