Holi From Above

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Tipster John Gardner sends photos our way of the Hindu Students Organization’s Holi festival. The annual springtime celebration features 1500 lbs. of paint for throwing at your friends and promises (threats?) of supersoakers. There will also be a classical dance performance explaining the origins of the celebration. It’s happening til around 2ish on the EC/IAB plaza. 


More aerial photography by John Gardner after the jump.



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  1. Casey

    Holi rocks. I wish I could do it this year. I loved watching the really, really confused passers-by on their way to EC.

  2. no!  

    those fuckers woke me up at 11am. bastards!

    go away!

  3. i wish  

    we had a time-lapse video!

  4. Random  

    The real Holi was actually a month ago, guys. I think it was on March 20th.

  5. Huldrych Zwingli  

    Filthy Pagans! It is lustful vanity for a woman to wear colors.

  6. wtf  

    If my friends and I did this, we'd have a disciplinary hearing.

  7. Maaan  

    Why are they waterblasting it all off already!? The plaza looked so much better with it all there.

  8. amazing.  

    insanely amazing.

  9. Ramya

    yay! Love the pictures from above =)

  10. wtf  

    the hindu students org kids were all just taking pictures with eachother. seemed like it was less about the holiday and more about them increasing their tag total.....lame

    • true dat  

      no culture or religion that celebrates its holidays with friends/family commemorates the occasion by taking pictures. also it is completely unreasonable for those hindus to take pictures with their friends when they are covered from head to toe in paint -- that shit happens every day. TOTALLY lame!

    • are  

      you mad that taal kids werent taking photos of you?

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