(Free) Food: Did You Know It’s April 20th? Edition

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Tipster Rebecca Salley informs Bwog of the various (free) food activity on College Walk today:

1. The South East Asian League is sponsoring a free fried-rice and shaved-ice give-away. “There arent many people out there right now so I kind of felt like I was crashing a party, but it’s all up for grabs,” she explains.

2. A few paces away, there’s a sorority bakesale topically named “Not Your Tokin’ Bakesale.” Selling baked goods on College Walk on what happens to be both the most beautiful day of the year and 4/20? Well played, sorority. Well played.

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  1. most beautiful day  

    of the year? have you not gone outside yet today, bwog? yesterday was beautiful--today is kinda gross.

  2. Today  

    is crap compared to yesterday.

  3. it's okay  

    planet earth will make all right

  4. please  

    mr. neil patrick harris prefers drugs called "x" and "poontang."

  5. pic  

    where is this pic from?

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