KSA: In a Chi-Town State of Mind?

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Intrepid Bwog contributor, frequent Bwog commenter, and skyscraper enthusiast Alex Weinberg sends us a tip about some questionable iconogrpahy:

“KSA is advertising some sort of culture show on a thousand balloons and fliers and posters all over the campus. Non engineers/architects may not appreciate this, but they completely fucked up and branded their show with the skyline of CHICAGO.

How does he know? Well, that big building second from the left appears to be the Sears Tower, not the Empire State Building. “The Empire State Building has one antenna built on the original mooring mast,” says Alex. “The Sears Tower has double antennae (kind of more, now).”

UPDATE: Ask and ye shall receive: the two skylines placed side to side (or top to bottom) for comparison, after the jump.

New York’s skyline:













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  1. hmm  

    i thought that was on purpose

    Chitown = China = Korea?

  2. hmm

    could also be the hancock building

  3. surge

    the surge is not working

  4. ...

    hey bwog:
    post a picture off the skyline for comparison!

  5. The Dink

    yeah Chicago! Best city in the world. Go cubbies!

  6. haha  

    Kenneth Jackson would be appalled.

  7. ...  

    this is a subtle reminder that lunar gala > ksa, ergo chinese people > korean people

    anyone else wonder if all the grand culture shows we see are part of the clash of civilizations?

  8. oh yeah  

    lunar gala>ksa...WOOPDEEDOO...like anyone besides people in those clubs cares about those events beyond seeing tons of big flyers everywhere

  9. huzzah

    As a Chicagoan, I laugh at the mistake. LAUGH, I say.

    And come on, now. That is definitely the Sears Tower.

  10. That Definitely  

    looks like Chicago...

  11. question  

    why do the asian clubs on campus all think their cultures are the only ones that exist (i.e. another asian cultural event every day)? And why do most often their cultural events not reflect their own culture so much as they do hip hop dance?

  12. please monitor

    bwog-- could you please take down posts 14 and 15? they are offensive.

  13. yawn  

    hey #20, sounds like you gotta compensate? aww, cute.

  14. alexw  

    Holy shit. I never thought a post about DRAWINGS OF BUILDINGS would spark some kind of international racism fiasco.

  15. I'm really

    disappointed by the diminishing quality of Bwog-trolls. Often do I yearn for the days of the geometer and clever trolls.

  16. I just logged on, so

    could someone please reconstruct the deleted comments from memory, using euphemisms in place of the patently offensive language? Thanks! God bless you.

  17. AZN Sensation ;-)  

    I think that the KSA is a great group on campus ! :) They do so much good work :-). I hope you enjoy the surge it will be super happy fun fun. And sorry about the chicago skyline, we're not good at these type of things.
    Peace out (>>>

  18. fuck  

    racism. yay fucking.

  19. blegh  

    trying to avoid being distracted by the racist troll(s).

    i think a bigger issue than the wrong skyline is the naming. "surge"? is this a deliberate reference to iraq, making it really tasteless? or was the connection an oversight, making ksa kinda out-of-it?

  20. surgemaster  

    it's an electrical surge, according to that image.

  21. that bird  

    in the first pic is cool

  22. Dienz  

    sorry if we can't help that our skyline is prettier? just wait until the Spire gets built on Chicago's lakefront....

  23. esther  

    I find it kind of strange, kind of unsettling, that you guys report on all campus events, yet fail to report on AAA's cultureSHOCK and KSA's Culture Show, even though those were huge events on campus. Instead of saying anything about the KSA culture show, you insult their advertising... which isn't a big deal because we know you guys wouldn't pass up an opportunity to be witty (at the expense of others).... but can't you give them some credit. Just because cultureSHOCK and surge were "Asian" events doesn't mean that you have to pass it off as a joke.

    Thanks bwog, you're ridiculous.

  24. i second  

    the previous post. there is an absence of coverage for some of the largest events on campus, generally for the reason that they are "too asian"

    culture shock personally was a pretty damn good show and it was a full house, and the ksa surge campaign was pretty awesome. in general all these "asian/asian american" events have the best/most professional publicity on campus

    cultureshock was almost professionally executed too, except for some tech difficulties and nervous/rambling speeches(ha)

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