Planet Earth on Low Steps

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If you are reading this, that means you aren’t on the steps (or, like Bwog, you are, but have wireless). And that means you’re missing Planet Earth.

Currently: “Jungles”. “Caves.” The administrators just announced, hazily, that they were playing the episode until 10 PM. If you just left, get back out here!


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  1. Senior  

    Our school's idea of a party is to play "Planet Earth" on a big screen for stoners? One month til graduation...can't come soon enough.

  2. This is

    awesome. Watching it now. So many happy people and beautiful earth!

  3. im sad  

    i missed 420 for studying :( it's kind of like how i've never been to 1020 because im a nerd.

  4. Pigeon  

    I'm sure they ain't showing any pigeons. The nerve.

  5. they playing

    "caves" now, before was deep sea and jungles

  6. this is  

    the best columbia tradition i've seen yet.

  7. Pesach

    so sad i missed it :(

  8. Pigeon  

    Imagine if one whole show was dedicated to H-dad.


  9. studier  

    man i'm a scrub. missed it to the cruel mistress that is nicholas murray butler's awful legacy on this campus. my 4/20 celebration is on hold until i'm done w/ a research paper

    there's a nice bit of continuity in the fact that even though Butler's been dead for 60+ years, the man i would've hated for his anti-antisemitism had our lifetimes overlapped, i can hate for the library that has consumed my life

  10. freshman question

    how's the security at the spring concert (tomorrow)? can you go drunk?

  11. of course  

    go drunk. Fuck any rules.

  12. new  

    favorite columbia tradition.

    everyone was so peaceful.

    and now i have a weed hangover.

  13. ooooooo  

    This was so good. I think it should be a rule that people in charge of Bacchanal should either smoke a lot of weed or at least be sensitive to demands for 4/20 event scheduling. Because this was perfect.

  14. I love Planet Earth

    Does this remind anyone of the Discovery Channel's feel-good new ad campaign? Mm, joy and togetherness.


  15. This was  

    an awesome show. Thank you Bacchanalia

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