1. Congrats  

    A really great guy.

  2. Really?  

    Standford? I've heard of Stanford, but...

  3. French Friend.

    He's a really cool guy, and smart. I had him in my first French class. I always had a crush on him.

  4. Hey bwog

    any review of the spring concert?

  5. congrats  

    Well deserved. Congrats, Joel!

  6. econ-math

    Econ-math majors are the best! Congrats, Joel! I am glad to be in a major with so many brilliant people. (Actually maybe I should wish there were fewer brilliant people in my major... because then there would be less competition, haha.)

  7. ERROR  


    when i click the link your post, i get the following error:

    display_current_article: id no good


  8. ...  

    Beal, unlike CC's valedictorian, will be accruing several thousand dollars per year in interest upon his staggering debt throughout 5 years of grad school. He is bound for Stanford in the fall, where he will be pursuing a Ph.D. in economics. Congratulations!

  9. crush #2  

    He's rather charming. I have a slight crush on him too :)

  10. more important  

    when and where will general selection lotto numbers be posted?

  11. yay!  

    joel's great, he really deserves it! i had a crush on him too.

  12. Robotics

    GS needs more people like this. Beal sounds like a good guy that kept to himself and worked hard to get to this place while also earning himself a spot at Stanford. He's someone who didn't whine about how miserable GS is to students. Rather, he came and did what he needed to and now he leaves with this great prize. Congrats.

    • SilentGS  

      We do have quite a few genuinely amazing people in GS, but they tend - surprise! - to concentrate on their studies and leave the whining to those mediocrities who lament their adult choice to incur honest debt. Those circus clowns refuse to acknowledge that they will need to service that debt with a paying job in the real world later.

      This latter class - the Entitlement Generation - compound their foolishness by declaring majors in useless, parasite fields like Gender Studies suited only to social workers, thus guaranteeing their post-collegiate poverty and claimed inability to service that debt. We should not be throwing money after other people's bad decisions. Most GS students I've spoken to privately express similar opinions on the matter.

  13. GS Smarts  

    Joel is the only smart person in GS, except for Matthew the Rod Sanchez

  14. See  

    point proven. Q.E.D

  15. what do you  

    call it if you get in a car accident that reshapes your private parts?

    A gender-bender!

  16. Yeah!  


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