QuickCUJH: Inaugural Edition

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Bwog would like to welcome a new publication to campus: Columbia Undergraduate Journal of History, a place where undergrads can get their papers edited and published.

historyLane Sell uses common sense to better estimate the percent of the Roman population that died during a second century plague because something that the academy has been lacking recently is common sense.

Alyssa DeSocio discusses the inhumane nature of slave ships as well as the hygiene on the ships.  Toilet bowl cleaners and Dawn, unfortunately, are not mentioned.

Emily Holland dissects the Soviet expansion in the late 1970’s.  It’s a good thing that Afghanistan hasn’t been invaded since.

Andrew Tillett-Saks complicates the ideological battles of the 1937 Flint sit down strikes.  Michael Moore should be taking notes



  1. please  

    fix link to first paper.

  2. cujh

    it's not quite new; it's actually come out before, but has been dormant for awhile - like almost every columbia "tradition", including b$w.

  3. Pigeon  

    So Hawkmadinebwog is averaging like 6.4 CPP (comments per post) over the last 5.

    Birds of the world unite!

  4. beef?  

    bwog, you got beef? Lydia Walker and David Piendak got the prize and you didn't post their papers.

  5. this  

    "journal" is absolutely ridiculous. all (or almost all) of the members of the editorial board have been close friends for a long time, and the papers they picked are mostly written by their friends.

    all of this is fine, yes, but this is not a place where "undergrads can get their papers edited and published," if they are not friends with the board, and perhaps more importantly, share the same very specific political views.

    i say all of this as an econ major who has never taken a history class or written a history paper since high school, so i am not just a bitter rejected submitter.

  6. yoyo  

    this nilla aint no liberal muckraker you better recognize bwogzo

  7. sketchy  

    thinks andrew is ruggedly handsome

  8. nope  

    T-saks looks like a horse to me. neighhhhhhh!

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