QuickSpec: It’s like this? And like that? Edition

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“We’re working on pluralism,” (the role of a third candidate in plurality elections nearly always becomes that of the “spoiler.”)

The University is not officially supporting the events, but will be providing free space for the events…space where students can see and actively participate in the growth of vegetables.

Random passersby were drawn into the atmosphere

And this: the time to be most helpful to students and their parents is now. 




  1. EAL  

    How about coverage of how men's golf won the Ivy League championship, men's heavyweight crew won back-to-back cups, and the baseball team is still in first place in their division?

    Congratulations to all three teams!

  2. why don't new  

    yorkers like to eat in the subways?

    They don't like the ratmosphere!

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