QuickSpec: 1969 Edition

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Editorial hates on indie rock of the Spring Concert, pines for pop punk and death metal for next year

Comprehending the nature of the universe, on Long Island

New GS Student Council news, with only half the bickering!

Cheaper birth control after last year’s price hikes

Iranian Nobel Laureate encourages feminism in Iran, discourages bombing Iran




  1. blah  

    That birth control article left out the most important part: what is going UP in price? They made cuts and said it wouldn't affect them financially, which means SOMETHING must have gone up in price.

  2. Protests  

    The Spectator's 1968 supplement is excellent. Is bwog planning any coverage of the events?

  3. Travis

    Did the Spectator editorial board just cull Bwog comments in writing that piece of crap about the spring concert?

  4. Travis

    Unless you live under a rock (or, I suppose, attend Columbia), neither of the bands selected are that obscure.

    Sorry Dave Matthews Band was unavailable.

    • Sorry  

      which planet do you live on? Those bands are unbelievably obscure. What fraction of America listens to indie? And what fraction of indie-listeners knew about those bands?

      • hmm  

        My dad is 60 and lives in East Nowhere, Kentucky, with bad radio and no real ability to use the internet. He loves The National. And I sure as hell didn't tell him about them, so beats me where he heard them first.

  5. hello

    i thought the concert was awesome -- spec needs to stop being so crappy

  6. i think  

    there has to be a happy medium somewhere between free concerts from hit-or-miss bands and $25 concerts with huge bands that just as many people dislike anyway.

  7. Travis

    Hey guys --

    There's this place north, south, east, and west of campus called New York City. Perhaps you didn't know this, but New York City has hundreds of venues that bring in hundreds of bands almost every night for not a lot of money. If you don't like what your school got for you - for free - well, how about doing yourself a favor and finding what you do like on your own somewhere in the city?

    • msms  

      Those hundreds of venues feature other obscure bands you hipsters orgasm over, so the good bands should play at the spring concert. The idea that everything but indie music sucks is ridiculous.

  8. Math

    So $25 per person would bring in about $25,000 tops, since we now know that's the (allowed) capacity of Roone Arledge. If student life fees contributed $40,000 towards the cost of the artist, never mind staging costs, that's $65,000 for the artist. Sorry to disappoint, but that still won't get you much of a brand name.

    I think it's worth noting that the last few years saw a lot of complaining that "the concert features only hip-hop" and now it's "only indie". Sigh.

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