1. ummm

    o sweet (and energy enhanced) irony.

  2. SLAP  

    Slap your taste buds not your partners!

  3. Student  

    And papillae and stuff too! For the receptors and neurons!!

    [Go Frontiers!]

    It's TASTE not FLAVA

  4. Tons  

    of stuff is going on on-campus. Tell us what it is! Group of people in VanAm Quad. Another group of people ran by Low Library with inflatable pool toys on. Tent out on the steps. Cover that stuff Bwog. Come on.

  5. nah  

    Most of you are more likely to be slapping your monkey anyway.

  6. Baby Protector  

    I hope they teach this to babies to. They should learn to slap people trying to eat them, like those damm people who planned that walk out today. Each one of them had a baby in hand taking a bite outta its head

  7. !!!!!!!

    I didn't get a chance to try Slap, but I'm just gonna stick with Powerthirst


  8. Rick  

    'em and rock 'em.

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