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Another year has passed, and a new passel of eager young reformers have stepped up to the Executive Board of the CU College Dems. Bwog welcomes the whole crew, along with Chris Daniels (pictured), the new President and issuer of many press releases to come.

The full new board, and the email that announced them, after the jump




The 2007-2008 Executive Board would like to thank you for your continued support throughout the year. This organization aims to be the center for progressive activity at Columbia and because of your amazing efforts from September until now, we are well on our way. We encourage you all to remain as active voices in this organization during the critical election year. Now, let’s meet the new board.

2008-2009 Executive Board

President – Chris Daniels

Vice President- Anna Brower

Secretary – Nancy Huemer

Treasurer- Linda Magana

Speakers Coordinator – Stef Goodsell

Membership Director – Kaley Hanenkrat

Outreach Director- Lianna Reagan

Media Director – Avi Edelman

Social & Alumni Affairs Coordinator – Greer Feick

Lead Activists – Ross Johnson, Jenna Hovel

Thank you all for the chance to be your President this year. It’s been an honor to serve on the Executive Board of this organization for the last four years. This has been my second family at Columbia and I know that many of you feel the same way. I’d like thank the 2007-2008 Executive Board for their amazing work, tireless effort and willingness to take on such an ambitious agenda. From Ahmadinejad to the Kentucky campaign trip, to Howard Dean to 5 Years in Iraq, I hope that you have all felt engaged in progressive activity on this campus. Remember to always be leaders, not just participants, in the Democratic Party.

Now, let’s take back the White House.

Signing off,

Josh, Chris, Isabel, Stephen, Jonathan, Anna, Kate, Avi, Kevin, Kaley, Mara, Lianna, Nate, Jenna, Cassie, Evan, Ross, Sarah, Adrian, Nancy & Sonali


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  1. what  

    no Jonathan Backer?

  2. Adrian

    is the Roo's president, therefore still somewhat afiliated with the dem's board, but not a hardcore member this year.

  3. get excited!  

    College Republicans' election next week. The end of the Chris Kulawik era.

  4. ...  

    Who is Chris Kulawik?

  5. haha  

    the fact that people know dems board members and not chris kulawik shows just how much he fell of this year...

    Dems: Campaign Trip, Maucus, Howard Dean, Iraq Flag Event, Students for Obama, Students for Hillary, etc.

    Kulawik & GOP: anything?

  6. President Lipsky!  

    I'll miss your super long emails

  7. tophy  

    chris daniels is the cutest.

  8. hahahha  

    greer!! ahahhahahaaha

  9. congrats chris!


    I like him!

  10. Maybe  

    Stef can pull in Hillary once she finally drops out.

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