It’s Even Summer for the Internet

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Bloggers among us take note: The good folk at IvyGate are looking for a handful of summer editors to maintain the site between the months of (late) May and August. Last year’s summer editors actually stuck around to edit the site full-time, so it seems it’s possible the job could turn into a full-time gig. Plus, you’ll be in good company: Past Columbian IvyGaters include Slate wunderkind (and B&W alum!) Chris Beam and Newsweek reporter Nick Summers

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    Full time? Are you joking? I could run that blog with just an hour or two to spare per day.


  2. p.s.  

    nick summers is a spec alum

  3. And  

    so is Chris Beam.

  4. And  

    the rest of campus.

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