Quickspec: Anti-Administration Activities Edition

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What can we do to reinforce a message of freedom on this campus? How about dancing at Havana Central?

Hey, it’s better than wishy-washy social justice editorializing

Or picketing alone in front of the Mayor’s house

Maybe there’s nothing to do but pray

But in this case, the guy should probably just sue their asses

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  1. anonymous

    Bad parenting. Children this young obviously don't have the capacity to make informed decisions regarding their beliefs about social/political issues. It's sad that a parent would exploit his or her child just to promote his or her own agenda.

  2. are you kidding  

    stealing cereal from hewitt is a bannable offense now? charging 13 dollars for the swill is good reason to ban these rackets from our campus

  3. OMFG  

    Darleny Cepin strikes again!!!!!!

    she's a moron. All the reslife people are ridiculous.

    • Anonymous

      Perhaps, but have you ever met this kid? He's more than a little odd. I can see how people could be concerned if he "has a problem with eye contact" when they ask if he's ok.

  4. i like  

    the Spec's editorial about the spring concert:

    "Schoolhouse Rock
    By Editorial Board

    They wish.

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