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If you’re not at the WBAR-B-Q right now, you’re missing seeing… approximately thirty thousand bands. While Bwog was only able to get out there briefly and is now safely locked up in class, there’s no excuse for you not being there. It’s free! (Except the food.)

Now playing: Wizards of the Coast, featuring Bwog’s own Justin Goncalves. Be there. 

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  1. lame  

    not free food = lame

  2. Tom Collins

    this overall lineup looks superior to the columbia spring concert, and obviously cost much, much less.

    good work, wbar.

  3. Not lame

    if you consider it's 5 bucks for all the food you want for the whole day. Awesome.

  4. wizards  

    of the coast were awesome! much love

  5. yellow  

    anyone know how long it's going on for?

  6. HEY BWOG  

    PUT UP A NOTICE FOR THE RALLY FOR SEAN BELL TODAY AT 5:30 in front of the Queens DA's office TODAY at 5:30 pm @ the Queens DA's Office 125-01 Queens Blvd. (between Hoover Ave & 82nd Ave.) E or F train to Union Turnpike

  7. at the lezfest  

    i'm at this thing right now and it's pretty damn good.

  8. ...  

    it's johnny ash and the waterplanks.

  9. what?  

    the food's not free? then i totally just stole $5 worth of food today...

  10. Hungry Hippo

    I wish I could've been there. I'm curious though if NY BBQ is actually any good.

  11. matt berninger

    holy shit that was an awesome show. might still be going on, but i had to take off.

    way to go, wbar. totally put columbia's spring concert to shame.

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