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GSSC elections results are in! An auspicious day for democracy indeed. And now, the winners and losers. (Except of course for any category marked “no winner”, which indicates that the candidate did not receive at least 25 votes.)


Brody Berg         50%

Virdis Bala        22%

Ishmael Osekre     13%

Write-in (other)   15%

VP Policy            

Michael Rain       35%

David Minchin      32%

Allen Settle       30%

Write-in (other)   3%

VP Student Life      

Richard Adams      41%

Write-in (other)   59%

VP Finance          

Eleanor Colley     89%

Write-in (other)   11%

VP Communications    

Evan Madeo         83%

Write-in (other)   17%

Social Chair        

Lisa Fishenfeld    59%

Gbadebo Williams   33%

Write-in (other)   7%

Academic Affairs    

Jacob Matilsky     91%

Write-in (other)   9%

Alumni Affairs      


Jessica Collins    63%

Student Services Rep


Senior President    

Albert Kim         49%

Write-in (other)   51%

Senior VP            


Junior President    


Larissa Higgins    63%

Write-in (other)   37%

Junior VP            


Ashkan Shahsavari  30%

Scott Jurkowski    26%

Write-in (other)

Sophomore President  

Alex Katz          92%

Write-in (other)   8%

Sophomore VP        

Joseph Spitz       89%

Write-in (other)   11%

Parent Rep           NO WINNER

Student Worker Rep   NO WINNER

International Rep    NO WINNER

Delegate #1          Larisa Kolesnikov

Delegate #2          Nathan Miller

Delegate #3          NO WINNER

Delegate #4          NO WINNER

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  1. Tim Taylor

    Don't blame me. I voted Jonathan Taylor Thomas for GSSC President.

  2. fefe  

    mannn why didn't ishmael win. He's off tha chain.

  3. ok so

    on the ones where 'write in' got more votes than a named candidate, was that one person, or many people? this actually doesn't make it clear who won

  4. Ross Perot  

    It must mean that there were more write-in votes than the named candidate, but that they were spread out amongst more than one write-in so to draw a plurality.

  5. random  

    how many people actually voted in the gssc elections! c'mon bwog get us some numbers!

    • it seems it was  

      not much higher than 25

      • non-geometer  

        so if 63% is less than 25 votes, even if it were just under, at 24, that means that a MAXIMUM of 38 people voted in the two races declared NO WINNER. However, since VP Policy won with only 35% of votes, which must have been greater than 25 votes since he won, at least 71 people must have voted in that race, and presumably also in the presidential race. Still pretty pathetic, considering that there are about 1,200 students in GS... what is the point of a student council if only 5-10% of the students care to vote?

  6. perhaps too cynical

    I voted for Lee Bollinger for President. I felt that only he had the experience, tact, knowledge of the levers of administration, and reputation to resolve the issues of financial aid and housing for Columbia University's School of General Studies' students. It's a pity he wasn't eligible.

    "If nominated, I will not run. If elected, I will not serve."

    In a slightly more flippant gesture, I voted Josef Stalin for Student Workers' Representative; back to basics with this one- gulag for the CC kids, and extermination of the educated/technical classes- I'm looking at you, SEAS. Or is that more a Pol Pot thing?

    BTW- the race for VP of Policy turned out quite Clintonesque- No majority for any of them, with the best two forced to compete with an obnoxious spoiler candidate. Decide for yourselves who I'm talking about.

    /hope the dems can get their act together soon, this crap is annoying.

  7. Apathetic Voter

    There is no point to a student council unless you're one of the people serving in it. Nobody in GS cares about something for older people wishing to participate in something they couldn't when they were 20. Hence, nobody votes and the GSSC is consistently crap, but the students don't really care.

  8. Paul  

    There is no way of knowing the total number of people who voted in the election by examining the results. No voter was forced to vote in every contest on the ballot, so they could have logged in to vote for those one or two candidates they know, and left the rest blank.

    Further, for class-wide positions you're talking about a smaller group of voters which, unless you were a sophomore, didn't have a name on the ballot to check. That narrows it down to the people who proactively logged in to write-in someone's name but the percentages do not count the number of people who skipped voting in that contest entirely, though they were eligible.

    And yes GS is 1200 strong, but that number also includes part-time students who probably weren't aware of the elections, or if they were, aren't on campus enough to be informed on who to vote for.

  9. boot 'em all  

    It's satisfying to see the unfilled offices: it sends a clear message that so very few us of us in GS care about that sad little thing called a student council. Very happy to see a smaller number of office-holding assclowns.

    Next year, I'd like to urge the incoming GSSC to STFU.

  10. jammin  

    around 500 GSers voted two years ago when the polls were open for 48 hours, and nearly 450 voted last year when the polss were open for way less than 24 hours. stay tuned to see how many voted this yeasr - my money is on "not that many."

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