Putting Leftover Dining Dollars to Use

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Che TrayTipster Lucy Sun brings Bwog’s attention to a clever Facebook group created by Rosalyn Shih. As the group explains, Broadway Presbyterian gives out a free lunch to the homeless, and could use donations of milk, juice, and food. A great place to throw your extra dollars, which would no doubt go to waste? Sounds good to us.

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  1. junior

    Wait, what are senior points?

    Props to Rosalyn, whom I just met last week, incidentally. A+

  2. Ted Stephens

    This is a blatant ripoff of the OTRAY Giant that is in Philolexian's Halls.

  3. Columbia's Treasury  

    those points belong in Mother Columbia's coffers, not the mouths of the poor.

  4. Where do  

    Columbia radicals go to watch baseball?

    Che Stadium!

  5. curious  

    no housing updates? general selection started today...

  6. this  

    is a great idea! good job!

  7. ...  

    there aren't special senior points or anything, it's just that they lose their dining dollars when the graduate so they may as well get rid of any that they've accumulated

  8. uh huh...

    I wear the t-shirt of a bloodthirsty executioner communist prick. I am a Columbia student. Hear me roar.

  9. Darmani  

    I drew that (Scratched that I guess. I used a pair of scissors.) back as a freshman.
    My friend is responsible for OTRAY, which he did a week afterwards.

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