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blue lightLast night, Project Bluelight, a Columbia University undergrad film project, premiered their first film, “Setup,” in Roone Cinema before a Ferris Reels showing of There Will Be Blood the Oscar winning There Will Be Blood.  

Opening shot: a giant chicken getting run over by a car while fetching coffee.  However, this short (6 minute) film was more than just Family Guy-esque comedy.  The audience moved through the complex plot effortlessly with the aid of well-timed dialog, tight cinematography and more than one killer Punch Line.

To say that it elevated the art of Meta is an overstatement, but they did successfully develop the movie about a play about a play in a remarkably quick and nuanced way.  The film’s intention is summed up best by Noel (played by Austin Mitchell) when speaking to lusting scriptwriter Jay (Colin Drummond): “So, Ray is trying to break up Bowl and Aubrey by writing a play about a guy who is writing a play in which a guy gets back his ex- girlfriend by casting her in his play to replace the lead actress at the last minute?”

The entire production was an undergrad project from conception by V-show writer Rob Trump to score by Craig Flaster. Inspiration for Trump, however, was less than divine.  Executive Producers Michael Molina and Jeff Schwartz exposed Trump for his unoriginality, “Surprisingly enough, it is based on a true story of a time Rob tried to get his ex-girlfriend back by writing a play for her to be in (I don’t think she knows about “Setup” though so lets hope she doesn’t read Bwog).”

The crew now plans to submit the short to the Ivy Film Festival and Tribeca later in the year and, as for next year, Bwog has heard from a little birdie that we might be treated to “Zombie College.”


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  1. viewer  

    "The audience moved through the complex plot effortlessly with the aid of well-timed dialog, tight cinematography and more than one killer Punch Line."

    Really? Were you at the same screening as I was?

    The people I was sitting near (but did not know) were all quite puzzled by the plot when the lights came back on and credits rolled. The common sentiment seemed to be, "...What was that?"

    I want to hope for the best and be supportive when Columbia students launch an endeavor -- particularly a fledgling project like Blue Light -- but I can't be blind to the fact this film was disappointing given the amount of talent that went into its production.

  2. casual viewer  

    It was pretty fast, and I didn't exactly follow all the "nuances" of the plot, but it was easy enough to figure out what was happening.

    Beyond that, it was an enjoyable six minutes. I thought it was a great start for this fledgling project, and look forward to seeing what they do next year.

  3. hey  

    I thought Tony Danza was slated to be in this. Does anyone know if they booked him for next years' project?

  4. Greg  

    That's a nice review... err, summary from the Bluelight filmmakers. Welcome to Project Mafia, everybody!

  5. YOO  

    BS - there's no way he'd do that

  6. Tony Danza  

    I was in a TAXI in a background shot. Later, after I drove away, I got in a CRASH on HUDSON STREET with my boss. The only thing I can't remember is WHO'S THE BOSS?

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