1. yay!  

    I've missed the Jester, where did it go?

  2. Why  

    is the jester so good?

  3. wirc

    Is the Jester making a point about expansion there? I don't see that Ronald Reagan anti-black bioweapon lab depicted.

  4. to understand  

    this jester cover one must not be a smelly hippy n00b! cover freedom for jesterite superheros!

  5. fuck this  

    I can't believe such a racist, homophobic magazine publishes on this campus. they should be expelled and sent back to bumblefuck, ohio.

  6. huh?  

    is that supposed to be a joke? The Jester doesn't really make racial/homophobic jokes, unless you count the anal-bleaching ad. But considering it was a blonde girl in the ad, I'm gonna go ahead and say race/sexual orientation wasn't really a factor.

  7. also  

    The links aren't working.

  8. My computer works  

    Yes they are

  9. visionary  

    Props for the use of the Continuous Monument in the future porn article.

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