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Via Columbia’s website:

“Julia Kalow, of Newton, Mass., is majoring in chemistry and creative writing. A winner of a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, she works in the lab of Professor Jim Leighton in a synthetic chemistry research group. She also is an accomplished flautist, playing with the Columbia University Wind Ensemble, and a dancer. Her interest in creative writing focuses on short prose forms and fiction. Kalow will pursue a Ph.D. in chemistry next year and intends to teach at the university level.”

Kalow is also a short prose writer, and a talented one at that. You can read her work in the March issue of the Blue and White and in our upcoming April/May double-issue. And for a fun, semi-Julia Kalow-themed matching game, see our earlier post about Phi Beta Kappa.


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  1. Julia Fan

    Good job, Columbia, excellent choice. Julia is amazing. She's a fabulous writer and a brilliant scientist, the total right brain/left brain package, and someone who is that smart and accomplished has every right to be full of themselves. But instead, Julia is one of the sweetest, funniest, most down-to-earth people I've met at Columbia. She is an all around great person who has done a lot for this school, in terms of both academics and extracurriculars. I'm confident she will give a killer speech. Yay Julia!

  2. Julia  

    IS AWESOME!!! We have such a great valedictorian and salutatorian. Go CC'08!!

  3. meh  

    cue the arguments that it is easier to get A's in chemistry than in some liberal arts major.

  4. yea but  

    she's a creative writing major also...so bitter humanities majors can STFU

    congrats, julia!

  5. Proudhon

    Shoshana Schwartz was probably a close third.

  6. random  

    As a chemistry major, I know that it is not easy to get A's in the upper level classes. hats off to this girl.

  7. i think  

    that julia is AMAZING!

  8. that's hot  

    in a inter-disciplinary sort of way.

    congrats :)

  9. I love her  

    Julia is the best and kind of a genius, congrats!

  10. big fan

    Julia is fantastic!!! I have a really hard time thinking of anyone who might even remotely deserve the honor more than her! YAYAYAYAY

  11. chem major

    i think hans renata will tell you otherwise...

  12. chem major

    oops. that was in reply to post #7

  13. yay!  

    so proud of you julia! you work so hard at everything you do and i can't think of anyone else who deserves this more than you!

  14. i sat next to

    julia once on the chinatown bus from boston to new york. fastest the four hours ever felt. she probably doesn't remember it, but i had sooo much fun talking with her that i still do!


  15. cyclist  

    that father's day card is pretty hilarious.

    congrats julia! princeton is very lucky!

  16. 2008  

    Congrats to Maxim and Julia, you guys are great!

  17. Awww

    Awesome! I'm glad that there is proof now that I didn't scar her too much by being a terrible roommate. I'm a pterodactyl! :o)

  18. dreamer40  

    I had lit hum with Julia; she's a cool cat!

  19. awesome!

    congratulations julia!

    -former arabic classmate

  20. super-psyched  

    julia is awesome. I think one of the things that speaks to that is the fact that she didn't tell anyone that she was salutatorian, not even her close friends. She's an extremely gifted but modest person. It made my day to see that genuinely good people can go far.

  21. Little Liverbird

    Congratulations Julia!

  22. SEAS '08  

    the SEAS ones are:
    Frank Zovko for valedictorian and Eric Wei for salutatorian. Bwog needs to do an entry about them.

  23. i love you  

    Julia I love you! Seriously. . . like wow, even though I still think you are french and am adamant that there are 3 doors on the elevator ;)

    Also ERIC WEI! So exciting! Why is this not announced. I love that kid.

    2 of the nicest and so freaking modest salutatorians ever.

  24. ps.  

    ps. that picture is hot!

  25. can I just say...

    Can I just say that it's easy to get an A+ in every major except mine?

  26. Avanti  

    Congratulations Julia!

    So happy :)

  27. Nina

    Julia Kalow has been my idol ever since 9th grade history class!!!

    WOOT WOOT!!!

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