1. curious  

    Why is the sexism/languages article listed under the Spec's news section?

    Sticking quotations into an op-ed piece doesn't transform an article into "news."

  2. wag  

    These formulations ... they're fucking intolerable!

  3. various thoughts  

    a) #2 is correct. annoying format, bwog.

    b) go finn!

    c) the "sexism" one is right on one point - at least in philosophy writing, even anglo-american, its become conventional to use "she" as a gender neutral pronoun, and this reads pretty naturally after only a few examples. it's really far superior to attempts to invent new words.

    d) i would think that the gossip-blog worthy part of the "zionism" one is that it calls out columbia hillel specifically...

  4. you guys  

    you guys are all poopy people eaters.

  5. ...................

    I'll tell you what sucks. Bwogism.


    do the Israeli and Palestinian camps have to take their wars here?! why can't they fight and kill each other back in the middle east? why can't they leave each other alone and die and peace?! NOBODY HERE CARES

  7. Hmmmmm....

    So what is David Judd? A Palestinian or an Israeli?

  8. aha!-

    I get what your saying. Everyone knows that Jimmy Carter is a Palestinian, right?

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