QuickSpec: Out with the Old in with the New Edition

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For SEAS Class Day speaker engineering is the new liberal arts.

FaCU, SGB funding meetings should be open to all.

The New Harlem, its a happening place.

The mayor of Brigadoon bids farewell.

Gandhi scholar to hang it up after 40 years of teaching the same course.

Jeffrey Sachs goes back to the future.



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  1. balance  

    bwog, you link to judd's piece that attacks hillel, but you don't link to hillel's response?

  2. agreed.  

    Judd's piece was completely out of line. If Bwog chose to run Judd's piece, then they must also run Hillel's.

  3. what?  

    There's no link to Judd's piece here. What are you talking about?

  4. agreed  

    The link was in yesterday's quickspec.

  5. BC '09  

    Dennis Dalton is amazing and will be missed!

  6. picture  

    Wow I've seen that picture in person, it's graffiti on the wall at Claremont colleges in Pomona.

  7. pic...ture

    It looks like a portrait of an Obama supporter.

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